Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old Friends

The past few days, we've seen a bunch of friends from Ryan's high school/college days-- Josh & Jessica R. and their twins Caitlyn & Ally, and baby Sarala; Jerry & Jessica C. and their girls Jenna & Jocelyn; and Mike J., Ryan's partner-in-crime from Little Flock Baptist (oh the stories, the appaling stories I have heard...). It's been so much fun! We had several nights of 6 under 4 running around our living room, board games, a crazy dance party, and lots of laughs.
Eowyn & Uncle Mike

Matching hairdos! :)

Josh's 3 girlies

Ryan reading a bedtime story

Josh & Jessica, concentrating during Carcasonne

Our game in progress

They both had to do their hair before this pic



Me with my dance partners

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