Sunday, January 17, 2010

Diaper Report #2

Eowyn is now 3 1/2 months old, and at 3 months weighed 13 1/2 lbs... no idea how much she does right now, but basically she is a lot chubbier and longer than she was at my last diapering report.

-- Daily use: infant size 4x8x4 unbleached prefolds, fastened with a snappi, covered in a medium Bummis Super Brite cover.
*prefold: I bought factory seconds for $11/dozen at So far they have been WONDERFUL!! I do use a diaper doubler (homemade: usually 1/2 a 100% cotton washcloth, or a whole one folded in half), and a fleece liner (again, homemade-- just strips cut the length of a prefold). The extra thickness keeps messes absorbed nearer the middle of the diaper (less likely to seep out), and the fleece wicks the moisture away, and is easier to clean off.
*I like the Super Brites better than the Super Whisper Wrap because they have leg gussets as well as fastening with velcro (nice exact fit every time)
-- While out-and-about, overnight, or for childcare: small Fuzzibunz pocket diaper, double-stuffed. Just like disposables, except they get thrown in a bag, not a trash can. I usually use 2 of the inserts that came with the diapers (newer dipes have microfiber inserts; older ones come with cotton I think-- I received a huge stash as hand-me-downs from my Aunt Virginia). In a pinch I've folded 2 of the low-quality prefolds I also inherited and stuffed with those. The double-stuffing is imperative.
-- I do also use Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, and Indisposables brand fitted prefolds, given to me second-hand. I do NOT recommend the Indisposables if you are building your own stash. They are soft enough, etc., but they don't absorb well, and some are wearing out alarmingly quickly. Reviews at seem to indicate this is relatively common, mainly because they are filled with polyester rather than cotton... So it may be that my distaste for fitted diapers should be limited to the brand I have! I'm happy w/ pre-folds now, so I guess we'll never know. :) The Bummis are great. They dry quickly, fit moderately well (snaps), and show no signs of wear so far. Now if only they had leg gussets...

Others used:
-- I was just given a Kawaii Baby one-size pocket diaper (available at which came with 2 microfiber inserts. I am thrilled with the fit of the diaper, the price looks amazing... the only thing I don't love about them is that the microfleece layer next to Eowyn's skin seems to hold stains worse than Fuzzibunz diapers do. Time outside in the sun helps, though. A great diaper to get if you are starting your stash!
-- Eowyn had a blowout at friend's house and I needed to borrow a diaper cover. My friend lent me a Thirsties cover, and I LOVE IT! It has leg gussets, velcro... It just feels less sturdy than the Bummis covers I have. Not sure how it would do long-term. If I was buying my own stash, I'd probably get at least 1/2 of these, though!

Tricks & Tips learned:
-- diaper sprayers are WONDERFUL. You totally could pressure wash a sidewalk with ours, lol.
-- when using diaper covers, the maxim "a cover is only as good as the diaper it covers" totally is true! I thought my diaper covers were absolute trash until I tried using higher-quality prefolds, and all of a sudden had NO leaks at all, ever, for hours. The cover will only be as good at holding junk IN as the diaper is at absorbing it! So... INVEST IN QUALITY PREFOLDS!!
-- make sure you tuck everything in. Facilitated diffusion means that moisture will travel to every bit of dry material it can reach-- if the teensiest part bit of diaper is sticking out of the cover (maybe in back where you didn't see it), it WILL get the clothes all wet! I found that tucking in the leg gussets of the fitted prefolds around her legs helped with leakage too.
-- making your own phosphate-free powder laundry soap is soooo easy!! (this is the recipe I use, plus I add a bit of OxyClean or its organic counterpart) I tried an all-natural coconut-based soap with wonderful results. It made my cost a little bit higher than if I'd used Dial or Ivory, but I liked knowing that it was less toxic and more "natural." Once my stash of Borax, OxyClean & Washing Soda run out, though, we are going to try soap nuts!! Talk about all-natural: they GROW ON TREES!! I'll keep ya posted.
--g-diapers: Eowyn outgrew the smalls we had, and we liked them while they lasted. I used the disposable inserts on trips. They worked especially well on her when she was little! We'll probably use them the first 2-3 months on our next one, too.

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