Saturday, January 23, 2010

Harry Potter & Anne of Green Gables?

I was longing for a bit of literary criticism over my morning waffles, and found this article comparing Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter, two heros of series I've really enjoyed and which have had lasting impacts on me. The reason I enjoy reading these sorts of articles is that it makes me take a step back and say "huh! I never thought of that!" and then feel really smart as I think about whether I agree or not. :) I've always been a "big-picture" person, wanting to ascertain factors and causes and themes-- these sorts of articles, which always bring the authors greater views into the discussion-- help me do that. Anyway...

In book club this month, we're reading Rebecca, by Daphne du Marier. So far, it's one I'm really glad I bought! (thank you, Half-priced Books! that store) I read an article about it when I first picked it up, to see if I'd like it. The article compares it to Jane Eyre. I think the comparison is warrented, and interesting to consider. So if you liked Jane Eyre, go get Rebecca!

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