Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What Clothes To Buy?

My friend & fellow expectant Mommy sent me this insightful link, on baby clothes: how many of each, and what sorts to buy for a newborn? As you know, I've never stocked up for a newborn before. Of course, minimalist that I am, I wouldn't find it seriously shocking if my child spent most of his/her first 90 days of life in a diaper & onesie, swaddled warmly in a recieving blanket. The end! But since we'll probably sometimes want to go out and about, I suppose I'll "have to" invest in some tini clothes... :)

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Amy Donell Molina said...

I e-mailed Rachel and asked her what her thoughts were on the list in that weblink. She said they were fairly accurate she gave me her modifications. Rachel always has things exactly calculated with her kids clothing, She's prudent with her monies, NEVER buying anything full price (or hardly ever), and moderate in how MANY clothes she has for each stage.
I'll e-mail you her modifications.