Monday, March 30, 2009

Malachi Update

for some of you who asked, here's what I know of his case:

"The guardian ad litem for little Malachi has said that he would make a motion before the courts that Malachi be moved to a foster home where he would benefit from a male roll model and be allowed to develop mentally and emotionally in regard to gender identity. (After being taken from his foster home under false pretences, Malachi was placed with Lesbian foster parents.) The guardian ad litem also wants a specialist to come from out-of-town to testify at the hearing. The eventual outcome of this case could affect future guidelines for all adoptions in South Carolina. Pray that the guardian ad litem will be courageously firm in what he has said he will do, for the expert to be willing to come to testify and for a judge who is as fair and unbiased as possible to hear this case. Pray for the outcome of this matter, for the sake of Malachi, and for other children who will be adopted in the future."

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