Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Well, Mommy's moved on from just feeling nauseated 'round the clock to actually vomiting most days. Who said second trimester got better??? There are some days that I get a massive headache and then can't keep water down... I'm hoping we figure out what triggers or alleviates those so I can not have them anymore! Lately my biggest constant companion is a sore throat from all the regurgitation. Lovely, isn't it? Also, unfortunately the liver seems to be no help against this wave of sickness. I guess it bought me 3 months, though. When things are worst, Ryan's always so sweet and just rubs my back and holds me and gets me water or anything that might possibly help, and I remember that the Lord will give me strength to outlast all of this, even if it does last all 5+ months to go.

On a positive note, I have found gluten-free bagels (Glutino brand)!!! They're relatively inexpensive at Meijer!! I haven't eaten bagels in 5 years (since being diagnosed with Celiac's), and the prospect of a warm toasted sesame bagel topped with TONS of cream cheese and dill was just too good to pass up. So far, my tummy loves them, so I am downin' 'em! This baby will come out looking like eggs, bananas and bagels, at this rate! :) I also splurged and grabbed a gluten-free frozen Amy's Pizza... the less time spent smelling food while I cook, the better! I've come to appreciate convenience foods in a whole new way, lol.

Baby Herself is about the size of an apple this week, with a newly developed sensitivity to light. Apparently if I shine a flashlight into my belly she'll shy away! Last week we learned the baby would scoot away if poked, so we've been having fun poking my belly and imagining a tiny child swimming away inside. The preschoolers especially enjoy doing this, and since the belly's right at eye-level for them, it's especially cute! Our baby weighs about 2 1/2 ounces! Supposedly I'm supposed to have gained 5 lbs... maybe I've gained 2? Not that I'm worried-- I'm sure the baby is getting whatever he or she needs outta me! My next appointment is next week, after a week of Spring Break, and then, the next visit... we find out whether our firstborn is a son or a daughter!

I'm still enjoying swimming (when I'm feeling well enough to get to the seminary pool), and always feel much better after going. I wonder if the baby can tell when I'm in water... :)

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