Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strong & Fast!

Ryan & I had the amazing privilege of hearing our child's heartbeat for the first time yesterday afternoon! Any doubt I'd had about actually being "with child"-- instead of just having a weird, very-long-lasting flu-- was gone. As the midwife said "there definitely is a living being in there!" It was amazing... I almost cried, just hearing that precious sign of life. If the lights had been a little dimmer, I probably would have cried. :)

Being the technologically-savvy daddy that he is, Ryan recorded the heartbeat and has posted it to his blog (for those wondering how we did it, Ryan brought in his MacBook, turned on GarageBand, and our midwife cranked up the Doppler's volume so it would record! That's why there's a lot of static, too).

Women who see an ultrasound of their unborn child have a FAR greater chance of choosing life over death for their child, no matter what their initial decision was, going in. I wonder how much effect even just hearing a HEARTBEAT would have!


Amy Donell Molina said...

Isn't it AMAZING!!!!!????!!!!!!
We got to see little Molina on Friday. It's head, belly, spinal cord, femur bone, face..... it's AMAZING! It's real! It's life!
it's our baby... that in 4 more months, I will have in my arms!

Ashley said...

I loved listening to that heartbeat! How sweet!