Saturday, February 28, 2009

For All You Coffee-Lovers Out There...

So originally I was just going to put in a plug for a friend's coffee roasting business, Kerusso Coffee; the dad's a local pastor, and I've taught 3 of their children at DSCS. But now I found out that our school is doing a fund-raiser through their business, so it's a double-win-win! My school's summer mission trip every year is to one particular orphanage in the Dominican Republic-- maybe one year I'll get to go with them, lol. As far as the coffee goes, I've gotten to enjoy it, and well, ...I enjoyed it! :) Here's some info on their family-run company's vision:

"Coffee Connections Roasting Company wants to roast and drink coffee to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31)! We believe that from the picking of the bean to the sipping of the cup, we can glorify God. We support poor coffee farmers in persecuted countries by purchasing their beans. We work to raise awareness among our customers concerning the great poverty many coffee farmers experience. We also use our proceeds to support missions.

We will roast your coffee to order so that it's not sitting on a shelf before you get it. We roast in micro roast amounts, and we create the best tasting blends through meticulous testing. We enjoy testing very much! We quickly bag your coffee in airtight packages. Roasted coffee begins to lose its freshness almost immediately. For this reason many people have never tasted truly fesh coffee, but you can! Be sure to order the amount you will drink in about 4 weeks, and don't grind it until you are ready to use it."

Check 'em out online, and if you're interested in ordering any, you can contact them directly and let them know you'd like to buy as part of the Dorothy Sayers Mission Trip Fundraiser.

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