Monday, September 01, 2008


We made it back safely, and so far we think in good health. we both felt really ill after the long flight over the Atlantic. 23 hours of traveling, most of it in germ-fests (airports) or re-cirulating, dry-air compartments (airplanes) isn't so good on tired bodies.

Ryan & I spent WAY too much time in planes yesterday and felt so sick afterwards, but after walking around breathing real air and eating real food and drinking lots of water, I think we're better. Ryan seems to have some congestion from the plane, though... I'm dosing us up with Airborne and glyconutrients, as well as with vitamins. :) I forgot them all at home so hopefully it's not too late.

I am desperately praying that I do NOT get sick right off the bat. This school year is already hard enough without starting it off sick! God is faithful, and won't give us more than we can bear, and I trust in that. I must never forget that "casting ALL your cares on Him, because He cares for you" is part of being humble, of admitting that I can't control everything or figure out how to make it work out best. God has and is and will! Amen!!

So... pray for me! I have no idea what I'm teaching the choir kids tomorrow (5-8th grade BOYS, YIKES!), though I've been thinking about it all week... Hopefully something surfaces. :) I've been in such another world for the past week; another continent, another culture, another set of foci and goals. I just can't believe I start teaching tomorrow; the summer is OVER. On the bright side, pre-k is already well-prepared, and I can't wait to meet these new little ones!

*sigh* I'd better go... I'll spend lots of time chronicling our trip in words and pictures, I'm sure.

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