Sunday, September 07, 2008

Belated Anni Pics, Part 2

Celebration Numero Dos
(on August 18th, our actual anniversary)
Year One: Paper Anniversary

We also did a "road map" together of the highlights of our first year (that's the black line in the top of the blue card). I thought Ryan's card to me was so sweet... I loved it.

(Ryan giving me his "what am I supposed to do with these!?" face... right before we both cracked up and the pictures got too blurry to use)

This time the menu was homemade pizza, loaded with garden-fresh veggies (from ours, Mom's & our CSA farmer's) and chicken; raitas (Indian salad of tomato & cucumber in a yogurt sauce); the rest of the Chardonnay, and (drum roll, please).... our cake topper from our wedding! It was a gluten-free crustless cheesecake, and I must say that it froze and thawed very well. A little strawberries & sugar for a topping and WOW! No horrible dried out year old cake for these newlyweds! (Word to the wise: do a cheesecake topper- it freezes well!)

Ryan's gift from me was two tickets to the Louisville Science Center & IMAX theater-- we're trying to go with the whole paper theme. Our gift to ourselves was plane tickets to Hungary, including two nights on our own in a nicer hotel in Budapest.

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