Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Videos

These will make ANY day happy, actually! :) Last night we watched them at my Fondue Night birthday celebration, and all 12 present were just about rolling on the floor. So, have a happy Christina's birthday, just for me. :) It's my present to you!

It doesn't hurt that this little laugher looks like our friends Glen & Bethany's little boy!

And this one is HILARIOUS! I just wanna know-- where did he LEARN that!? :)

And everybody's favorite...

wow... some people are REALLY into this.


Jeannette said...

These videos certainly had me laughing! The first one reminded me of Ty at that age. We could get him laughing just like that little guy, but we knew he was excessively tired and on the brink of crying, so we had to learn when to quit. Thanks for sharing!

AE said...

Girly! I'll be honest! I forget your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I kept on looking at my calendar this month and thinking.... something's missing... something's missing.... and now I realize what it was that was missing. I hadn't marked your brithday on the calendar, September 28th. SILLY ME! sorry, Christina.
I hope you had a joyful and memorable birthday this year. I guess this is your second b-day as a married woman right?
I hope it was great!!!!

love you lots,
amy m.