Saturday, September 20, 2008's back!

YAY! At 7:51 this morning, our ceiling fan began turning in our bedroom, and Ryan & I realized the power was BACK! We positively giggled with joy... and turned over to snuggle a little longer. :) Anyway, I sure enjoyed cooking (& even cleaning up!) after dinner with more than just candle light, and was delighted to see our porch light shining cheerily at me when I came back from a girls' nite at Coco's Chocolate Cafe!

We were a little worried that we'd just never get our power back on. I mean, given that many of our neighbors don't exactly PAY their power bills regularly... we knew we weren't high on the priority list...nevertheless, we DO have it back!! :)

Pictures of the day to come... Ryan & I enjoying the Science Museum, and several girl friends & I enjoying Coco's this evening! (it was my friend Sina's birthday)...

Now I think I'd better get off and get ready for the Lord's Day to come! In joyful anticipation of it,

"O Day of Rest & gladness,/ O Day of Joy & Light/ O Balm of care and sadness/ Most beautiful, most bright/ On thee the high & lowly/ Through ages joined in tune/ Sing 'Holy Holy Holy' to the Great God Triune" (O Day of Rest & Gladness, by pastor Christopher Wordsworh-- my favorite Sabbath hymn)

May you enjoy worshipping tomorrow!

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