Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something About...

...Mom waiting for you when you get home from school...

If you were a child who grew up expecting this, secure in the comfort that Mom would be home after school-- would make after school "home"-- you know what I mean. Those of you who missed out on this blessing can imagine it, I'm sure. For us homeschoolers/private- schoolers, Mom often either never left school, or picked us up from school, but still... I remember the pan-grilled-cheese sandwiches and BLTs Mom made after school on homeschool days, or the way we'd unload from the van to get shooed outside (Mom knew we needed a mental break after school), then called back inside for our snack before we started in on homework again.

I got a little taste of that again last week, when my Mom came to visit us. And oh, yum! It was a SWEET taste! :) Home really is where your family is. I usually come home from work, and it's just me. I really enjoy getting the empty house ready for my family (Ryan) to come home-- filling it with clean-house and dinner-cooking smells, and emptying it of eye-sore mess. Then Ryan comes home from work, and I get to welcome him, and then it REALLY feels like "home." On two days last week, though, I pulled up to the 2-story house on Camp Street, and there already was a familiar face brightening the house. Heheh, both times I came home, Mom was doing yard work! Let me tell you, my Mom put me to SHAME!!! She came to serve, not be serve, and serve us she did! She did everything from the yard work to helping with floor-finishing to house-cleaning to coffee-grinding to cutting my hair to filling our fridge with tasty groceries!! AND she always offered to help cook dinner, and wanted to treat us when we went out... it really amazed me. The last two afternoons of her visit, she came WITH me to school, and served me AND my students there!! The preschoolers LOVED her, and she fit right into their little world. (those little ones are so blessed; their worlds are full of adults who love them and teach them of Jesus!!)
Mom came and just lived with us for 5 days, and we did our best to show her a full picture of our life in Louisville. Some of our excursions were not so exciting- Kroger, the gas station, the bank, etc. Some were a little more adventurous, and thus merited photographic documentation:
One of our favorite "hole-in-the-wall" eateries: the Santa Fe Mexican Grill. (on 3rd street...the purple building. If you're a Louisvillian, you've GOT to check it out!!) Ryan enjoyed being one of the few gringos there, and I got a HUGE kick out of this sign!

(it reads "We have a fresh-squeeze limenade. No free refills!") I just kept giggling every time I read it!

The Americano examining his "Americano burrito." This was a momentous occasion for Ryan; his first time branching out at a favorite restaurant -maybe ever! (he always gets the same thing everytime, every where we go... ;D)

Sorry for the zoomed-out-edness of all these pics. I haven't figured out how to crop pics on Ryan's mondo desktop (my laptop still lies, useless and un-alive...)

On Tuesday, I introduced Mom to "Napoleon Dynamite" as Ryan taught at the T-house. We stayed up a full hour after we went to bed quoting it to each other, lol. I think Moms of college students can appreciate that movie as few other post-teenagers can.

Wednesday, Mom & I had a fun time on my favorite street; Bardstown Road (despite the pouring rain. I think that's the only time I've ever deposited money at a bank solely for the purpose of using their parking lot! Drastic times call for...) We ate at the
Butterfly Garden Cafe, which we HIGHLY reccommend, and browsed around the White Linen Tea Company, and the Clay & Cotton. No pictures, alas. :( I think we were all encouraged by Immanuel's midweek prayer meeting that night. Mom & I also managed to squeeze in a coffee date between my classes on Thursday, and she got to watch me conduct my 5/6th grade choir! I think they behaved better with Mom in the room. :) As House MD put it, "I think the world would be a better place if everyone lived like their Moms were looking over their shoulders." Some pre-school pics:

(during our music time)

(getting ready to put our flowers on the Living Cross, for Easter)

We had a last hoorah on Friday morning before Mom left, getting up a little early so we could breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. It was SO yummy, and so much fun!! I just love that place. What more could I- a girl who loves breakfast foods best of all, and is a little on the "nuts" side- ask for? Mom & I split a fantastic omlette (a dish she raised me to enjoy... actually, that was the first dish I ever cooked! ...though I don't know how Mom ate it... I didn't even put salt or pepper in it...yuck...)

My husband, VERY eager to eat his french toast.

All of us after a yummy meal. This weekend Ryan dubbed himself my Mom's "baby-in-law," and the term has stuck. Lol...

Everyone who knew my Mom was in town last week is asking me this week if I miss her. I guess they could see her missableness, just from that one meeting. And they are quite right. I do miss her. Thank you God for Mommys! I'm off!


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