Saturday, March 29, 2008

Being Appreciated...

Thursday was "Tutor Appreciation Day" at our school. As Corrie Ann & I were saying, "I LOVE being appreciated." Heheh, especially when the appreciation includes yummy FOOD!! Which it did. For me, that was thanks to Sina Shuey, who completely spoiled me (and made everyone not allergic to gluten/soy jealous) with a scrumptious salad, topped with mandarin oranges, carmelized almond slivers, and a homemade dressing; vegetable lasagna; garlic bread, and an entire tupperware full of chocolate chip almond scones!! Dude, I wasn't hungry again until 7 pm!!

For your enjoyment, some excerpts from my students' notes of appreciation (some are from the preschoolers, some from middle school choir students):

"Dear MRS. SZRAMA...we love being in your class. Thank you for being our teacher!! We love you more than we can explaine..."

"Dear Mrs. Szrama, I like when you teach me (I like my classmates, too!) I like when you hug me. You are my Valentine. Thank you because I love you. Thank you for telling me about Jesus. You are my friend. When you teach me I love you."

"Mrs. Szrama, thank you for teaching. It's been fun."

"Mrs. Szrama, thank you so much for teaching me choir. I have learned so much about notes and stuff. :)"

"...Thanks for letting your love for music and for our Lord overflow to our children" (from a Mom)

"Mrs. Szrama, thank you for teaching our choir this year. I alreday enjoy singing but you made the class so fun!!" "Mrs. Szrama- Thank you so much for teaching me choir. I love it! You are a great, great, GREAT teacher." (don't you know I love that!?) "Choir is my favorite subject!!" Mrs. Szrama, Thank you for teaching choir this year. I've learned a lot. Hope you're my teacher next year."

"Dear Mrs. Sarama, please have "Tender Mercy." From, G." ("Tender Mercy" is a song one choir is singing) That one made me bust out laughing!

"Dear Mrs. Szrama, Thank you so much for giving your time to teach us how to sing! You are very pretty and you are a great teacher. Hope you have a great day! Thank you! Love, S. :)"

One that especially meant a lot, because I've prayed for this child over and over: "Mrs. Szarama, I love you so much. You are a wonderful teacher and person. I admire you for everything you do and I hope one day to be just as kind and loving as you are. Thank you so much for your support. You don't understand how much it means to me!..."

...And then it's always heart-warming to read "You rock, Mrs. Szrama!"

Several of my Moms were so encouraging in their notes, telling me that I have made a difference in their child's life, and that my labor has already borne some fruit. That is so encouraging!! It has also served as a reminder to live righteously all the time: as I stubbornly refused to submit myself to Christ (and my husband), these words came to mind "You are a special light in their lives and you show them Jesus every day..." Was I showing Jesus to my husband right then? What about to the angels and demons?

Anyway, those are some scattered thoughts I wanted to share... my world every day. :)

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