Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Teacher Gifts and Christmas Cheer

Piled around and on our tiny tree: Most of the gifts I've received as a teacher!
...gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart, the Oxmoor Mall, LifeWay Christian stores, and our favorite restaurants (P.F. Chang's, Q'doba, Texas Roadhouse)... beautiful ornaments (I especially love the homemade ones!), pretty Christmas things (the goblet from the Kings is now the holder for our Christmas Day Advent Candle), and lots and lots and lots of yummy things to eat! We're sharing as much as we can, let me tell you!

I remain amazed by how lavishly I'm loved on by the parents at Dorothy Sayers!


Jenni Sieg said...

That photo made me laugh. The tree is so small, and looks even more so when contrasted to the mountain of gifts around it. Cute.

KtLw35 said...

Yay for Christmas gifts from the kids! I'm packing mine up in a holiday bag and unwrapping them at home for everyone to see. :-) I hope to talk to you soon so that we can figure out when we're going to get together.