Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Welcome! (I made the wreath myself =D)

Some of you may recognize our somewhat scary cactus: now it's a Christmas Cactus!

Our "real" tree: Ryan surprised me by bringing it home and setting it up with tinsel & lights one night. The tree itself is stolen. Sort of... ask Peter or Jen Sieg. ;D

Our "gift tree--" the one you saw snowed-under gifts before ...on loan from Christy Fullerton.

Yay for Christmas Poinsettias!!

Another of my wreaths... that tulle from the wedding came in handy!

Our "Advent Line" (hehe, no wreath...)

Before they come down, I have to chronicle them... I wanted to do so much more, but have contented myself with and enjoyed these:

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