Tuesday, December 11, 2007

School Pics

I just got these pics of me with my sweet kids... They turned out remarkably well-- go Mr. Tomeny of Craig Paul Studios!!

The Monday/Wednesday class ("Jack" will tell you he's my favorite boy in the WHOLE class!)

Tuesday/Thursday's class... not as pretty a day.
Can you tell they're my more rambunctious/distractable group? =D

oh, and that's our class bear, Rhys Luther. Very important classmember. He had to stay home sick today, as I told the dissapointed kids. I told them he was full of germs-- which is true-- being washed right now, so I can have him there for the last day of school of 2007. They would NOT be happy without saying goodbye to him! :)

I'm off for much-needed recovery sleep
-- happy to be Mrs. Szrama


applestoapples said...

Hello Christina.
I hope it's not weird that we (Peter and me) randomly came across your blog. We were bored and searching our names on Google to see where we are mentioned, and your blog came up. I know, I know... what a great way to spend time, huh? =)

But alas, I just wanted to post a hello on your blog. Take care!

Eowyn's Heir said...

LOL! Yes, that IS weird. :) But not that weird.

Isn't it fun what you can do when you have a unique last name?!

Glad you found us!...er... yourselves...

Ashlea Davenport said...

I recognize those socks! : )

Eowyn's Heir said...

heheh...as well you should!