Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unedited Comment

I just have to share a comment from one of my students yesterday, said during Bible Story. It's still crackin' me up today. We're discussing Samson, and how he was attacked by a lion and was strong enough to wrestle it and kill it. This is her un-edited comment:

"If I was attacked, I'd fight back too. Hmm, I'm only strong enough to fight maybe a small dinosaur. Unless it was a mean one. Then I'd probably go outside and yell for help. But if it was nice, I'd keep it and it would be my pet."

The logical leaps from Samson to dinosaurs to pets is just... unique!! I LOVE PRESCHOOLERS!!! =D

Another one, this time from a little boy (they love the "what if's"):

"Mrs. Srama?" "Yes?" (walking up to me, very thoughtful, looking up in my face) "What if your head was... a dollar?"

LOL!!! I answered that it would be rather floppy...but I never did get where he was going with that!

--"mrs. szrama" (I'm still in the school building, so I have to call myself that.)

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