Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Little Loves

... you've just GOT to see some of these sweet faces I get to love and teach every week: for security reasons, I can't put their real names, but they are so beautiful I've got to let you see them!

And, last but NOT least, here is a picture of Alexis, the oldest daughter of our pastor Jeff & his wife Christy. Don't let her pensive expression fool you. The cookie provided a RARE moment of stillness: she's quite a spunky little girl, and as Ryan says, we don't know anyone with more energy than she has!!

~proud to be called (100 x a day) "Mrs. Szrama" :)

1 comment:

Jacquita Banana said...

You work with such precious children! And your house looks amazing! And I can't wait until I can have a homemade Italian dinner with my husband! And and and...we really need to catch up!

Aren't we all just 6-year-olds in grown up bodies? =)