Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Farmal

Some pictures from our school's "Fall Farmal," held at Hubris Orchard, just across the border in Indiana. Sina, Jen, the kids & I made an afternoon of it, packing picnic dinners and playing in the animal part/playground. Dave, Peter (Jen's hubby) & Ryan drove up after work.
Proudly displaying their entry bracelets: Sina, Morgan, John, Jenna, & our friend Jen Sieg

At the top of the 40-ft. slide
(So hard to get those crazy Shuey kids all looking at the camera!)
Heheh... at the bottom of the 40-ft. slide...

I honestly don't know if I've ever seen Jenna more excited about anything than these goats. "You just GOTTA see deese, Crwisteena!"

Desserts were not! lacking. HEehe we took some home, too.

One of my students (they were all QUITE enthused to see me. Ryan's words: if you ever want to be one of the most loved people in the world, teach pre-school!)

On the way to get our pumpkins
(that's Jen's hubby Peter-- Ryan's work buddy, and our fellow church members)

The guy who agreed to drive us out there even though it was dark. We owe him so much!

Pumpkin fields by night. Our pumpkin was so much better than the Seigs'.

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