Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Better than all of Italy

Our scrumptidiliumptious evening l Thursday consisted of our own cozy version of Italian favorites: pizza, wine and chocolate. This was complemented perfectly by a new wedding-gift-video, The Cinderella Man, which neither of us had seen and both of us enjoyed... and of course, each other.

Having Ryan with me, as my husband, made it all quite better than all of Italy to me.

Maybe being married makes you boring, that a quiet evening home becomes tantalizing. Or maybe it just makes you appreciate the beauty of simple pleasures all over again. I've often felt that the moment I said "I do" I was catapulted back to age 6...

A blessed, happy wife, ~Christina

[The pizza was homemade gluten-free, and quite tasty (turkey, gluten-free amazingly good pepperoni!), the wine a White Zinfandel (yummy!) from our honeymoon visit to the Biltmore estates, and the chocolate Belgian loveliness from the airport in Holland!]

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