Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Update from the Tower Cafe

Tuesday over already? It's gone so fast...I must've hit the ground running...


It's beautiful here (at Furman)! Springtime around this campus always is. Wedding plans (and lesson plans) are coming along... Ryan & I got a good deal done towards marriage prep: we registered (one down, two more stores to go), finalized our invitation design (and will order them hopefully by the end of the week!), looked at two house possibilities, and discussed everything from attendant gifts to reception menus to questions I - II on "The List" we have.

My mom said the wedding dress store called this morning and said The Dress is in and beautiful! I can't wait to pick it up...when they turn the fountains on here at Furman I'd like to go ahead and try to get portraits made before it gets hot. Looking at HOUSES was weird! To think that a boy and I are talking about colors and kitchens and what kind of furniture and flooring we want, and it ISN'T wishful thinking or jumping the gun... it's so unreal, and so much fun! We've found two we like, and Ryan's meeting with all sorts of people to discuss options this week. I'm so blessed to have a fiance that's been disciplined in his savings and lifestyle, so that buying a house is even an option right off the bat! That's SUCH a blessing...one I do NOT want to take for granted! Same with my parents and their provision for paying for a wedding.

I'm kicking myself because I didn't take any pictures while I was up there. I want to take a trip at the end of the month with one of my sisters to pick out color schemes and all that... As far as wedding plans being hard, yeah, there've been some snags lateley- differences of opinion all around, disappointments and compromises. I was a crying mess last night. Poor Ryan...oh!! I miss him!

Pray for me-- I don't want to be divided! Pray for us all. When four sets of ideas come together (and no, that's not me, Mom, Nicole & Anna as Victor Abarotin joked-- but me, Ryan, my parents, his parents), there's bound to be conflict, even if it's as amicable and low-level as it has been for us. Ok... better go tweak my 1st-2nd grade lesson plan ...it just didn't work ideally today.

--"Miss Thompson"

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