Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Break

You'd think I've been offline awhile, judging by my activity on my blog, or lack thereof. I've been "online" for sure, but online applying for jobs, registering for tests (yet another Praxis, urg), answering emails, filling in lesson plans (I HATE LIVETEXT), and...catching up on Facebook. ;)

I set off Wednesday before Easter (after a lovely breakfast with my Mommy) for the beautiful state of Kentucky, to (YAY) spend a few days there, seeing my favorite person in the world (Ryan, duh), and also my beloved Shueys! I spent the nights in my old apartment, #3 on dear 1463 St. James Court with my summer roommate Ashlea. We got to do the girly giggle thing-- she's one of the best people to talk to in my book, because she lets me go on about Ryan, and joins in freely :) -- and I got to make her breakfast, and spice up my coffee with the creamer she always keeps stocked. Louisville in Springtime is glorious!

Sina & Dave threw us an engagement party, with the most amazing assortment of GLUTEN-FREE goodness this girl has ever seen. Mocha Cream Pie, Apple Spice Cake, Chocolate-Pecan Pie, and coffee! ...yum!! Rob let me steal a little bit of his pies that I hadn't tried. It was wonderful to get to talk to people from Immanuel I hadn't seen since November, especially talking to them WITH Ryan. I love having shared friends with him! Lauren came, too-- my first Louisvillian friend (Ken & Raegan can't count). Ryan & I had dinner with his college roommate Josh, his wife Jessica, and their beautiful twins Alli and Caitlyn-- I've heard so much about them, and I'm afraid Josh's probably had an earful about me. Like so many others, they went to Boyce (the undergrad college of Southern BT Seminary), came to Immanuel, and now are somewhere else... [All those goodbyes aren't something I look forward to, by the way. But if it's for the sake of the Kingdom expanding, I'll be glad in it.] At first, it was pretty hard for me to not have many shared friends and memories with Ryan-- we've spent over 20 years building separate lives. But as we've persevered, and made efforts to blend our lives, I've come to see that we have twice as many opportunities to be blessed this way, AND that there is no lack of memories to be made together! Early in our relationship Ryan wrote me a note about building a memory coloring book, of pictures of all sorts of memories we color in. I thought that was a fun way to put it. :)

This Easter Ryan and I drove through HEAVY snow across the Alleghenies to Abingdon, VA to spend Easter weekend with his grandparents. I got to meet them, and his aunt Karen and two cousins Kasey & Kelly. Ryan's grandma gave me a photo album full of family pictures. That blew me away-- I love it! There's one picture of 2-year-old Ryan in Mr Potato Head glasses that I think is hilarious. I wished SO hard I had a camera through all this! Then I could add literal pictures to reinforce our "memory book." Oh, well. (Jessica and Grandma, if you have any copies of the pictures you took, and could send them, I'd be THRILLED!!) Our memories are full of GORGEOUS scenery-- there couldn't have been a more beautiful week for me to spend 24 hours in a car, or a more beautiful route-- Kentucky, Tenessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas are all absolutely breathtaking this time of year. Though we would've appreciated better driving conditions Friday night (the road was hardly visible through the dark and falling snow at times), all the frozen waterfalls and hanging icicles along the highway were beautiful. And cold weather is great for snuggling. ;D

A fun "page" we added was...the time Ryan and I were registering at Target on his lunch break before I drove back to Greenville, aka this Monday. It was still chilly, but warm enough that Ryan took off his jacket and decided to leave it in the truck. As he's drilled into my head, I locked my door before closing it. He got his wallet and phone out of his jacket pocket, and tossed the jacket in. Just as I closed the locked door, he said "wait!" Too late!! Keys in pocket, locked in truck... my purse, with my keys (needed for me to drive home!) was locked in there, too. "I said wait..." "But it was already closing..." "Ok, so we mutually locked our keys in the car." We both laughed quite heartily-- he looked at me and said "Christina, we are now "that couple"" HAH! Don't worry, Target sells screwdivers, and Ryan was able to force a window to get everything out ok... and we registered (that gun is fun!). I had to hurry my intended past the videogame aisle, though...

More later. Time for kindergardeners!
--"Miss Thompson"


Ryan said...

I mean, really... what can it hurt to register for a PS2 and Dance Dance Revolution? At worst we could return it and bank the money... at best I could school you in some DDR. And just so you know, I locked my keys in the truck AGAIN today when I met Ali over lunch. I had been sitting in the truck waiting for him to show up and didn't think to grab them when I got out! C'est la vie. He had a screwdriver. ; ) Loving you...

AE said...

lol.... it happens to al of us... we just forget.
wedding planning ... there are always tweaks in "ideal" plans, and compromises.... trust me i know. 2 family cultures, 2 entirely different cultures, 2 different countries, 2 different expectations, 2 different incomes, 2 different ideas of a "wedding" and that's just the Molina family and the Donell family.. not to mention Claudio's other 3 syblings and my parents and CLAUDIO AND I! it gets crazy. BUT that's what it's about... as long as no one is having to "compromise" on Ryan or anybody in Ryan's life having to "compromise" on you. you know what I mean?
big hugs and kisses.