Saturday, April 28, 2007

Senior Melancholy

I attended the Furman Singers Concert last night with my parents, and it was strange and somewhat bitter to sit in the audience rather than stand with them and sing. The sounded AMAZING, and as we've had most of this music since Fall, they knew their parts well enough to be able to mix the choir (voice parts interspersed) which inevitably makes a choir sound even better!! Yeah. They're good all right! Anyway, afterwards Dr. Vick called up all the alumni or former Singers to join them for our traditional "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Brown Eyes," and it was fun to join my friends, though I was the only soprano on that side of the stage... I think I may have made up some harmony. I could hear my friend Ryan (c/o 2005) making up words behind me, lol. Afterwards several of my friends --one who's a senior with me, another stood by me in Singers, and another is in my studio-- grabbed me and told me they miss me and what's goin' on and how weird it is to be done with another year... That made me smile. Though in many ways I feel as if I've already moved on from Furman's music dept., it will be sad to make that final break on June 2nd. Here's the Schoonmaker Studios at our Christmas Party (Dr. Bruce is my voice teacher, his wife Gail is another voice prof at Furman and we always do joint studio parties) this past Dec. So much fun!

Only a few more "events"... Senior Banquet was last week, Student Teacher Banquet on Mon., Singers Banquet in May, Graduation... then it's the Dispersion! ... It's not that those events are so important in and of themselves, but somehow they stand for something-- what's that called? Part standing for the whole? Hmmm... Time to be thankful for all the good memories, and look forward to the ones comin' up!! :)



Jacquita Banana said...

It's so sad, and so weird, and so wonderful that we're leaving Furman. I feel like we just started yesterday and like we've been here forever. I love these paradoxical feelings. But one thing that I feel very non-paradoxically strong about is the fact that I'm going to miss you! *Tear*

Eowyn's Heir said...

i'll miss you too! and colossians...well, I won't miss IT, but I somehow doubt I'll read Santa Clause, parasites, and psychology into it on my own... ;)