Friday, November 17, 2006

You Know You Want Somma This!

CDs from the Recital of the CENTURY (ok, ok...term...) are IN, and they are HOT!! (not quite as hot as the live performance, but you know, you can't have everything...). If you'd like a copy, they're $2, and you can either get the entire program, or just the songs I'm on. =D OR, just the ones LB did, for that matter...

Oh my cookies, y'all, I have never had a better night with music. My friends were there, I loved the music, my accompanist rocked my socks off, and my friends & family were all in the audience or were supporting me with prayer around the country. It was SO MUCH FUN!! And I think the audience enjoyed it, which is my goal for that kind of performance... to bring joy, because our God is a joyous God-- Amen!?

Las Divas... I would have cropped this, except I wanted y'all to see the dress.

The Whole Cast-- everyone who's ANYONE in the Furman Music Dept., lol

Catching Todd as he falls... long story... ;D


szrama said...

You and your dress are both stunning. I wish I could've been there. : )

melandaaron said...

The dress is gorgeous, you look great!

Ashley Brennan said...

Where are you?