Tuesday, November 14, 2006


One more thing about Dustin...

Please, please pray.

Leigh Anne said that's the most encouraging thing to her: hearing of all the people praying for Dustin literally all around the world. It's all around Furman for sure.

Google his name, and you can get more than one beautiful glimpses at the love people have for Dustin, and the confidence they have in a God who hears prayer. A couple: http://emlevenhagen.blogspot.com/; http://uconnruf.blogspot.com/; http://rmfo-blogs.com/stephanie/; my friends Kevin & Emily Smith and Ashley; our own RUF site and the blog Redeemer Pres has set up specifically for Dustin-updates.

Please be specific and bold in prayer...for Dustin, for Leigh Anne, for their children Jacob (9), Nathan (7) and Meredith (2), for Grant B. (the Associate Pastor at Redeemer Pres) as he steps up to fill in here at Furman while Dustin's unavailable, for the students struggling to reconcile this with their view of God, for Rob Hamby (our former campus minister who "switched" campuses with Dustin-- now he's at Texas Christian University in Dallas) as he feels stretched between 2 campuses, and for Taylor (our RUF intern) as she's got to keep going.

God will not let His Bride be lost. He will not let His Kingdom fail, and He will not let His righteous ones go begging for bread-- oh, those are sweet to rest in.

"One thing God has spoken; two things I have heard:
That You, O God, are strong,
and that You, O Lord, are loving."
(ESV: to You belongs steadfast love)
[Ps. 62:11-12]

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