Monday, November 13, 2006


Anna (my "baby" a senior in h/s) is interested in the University of Kentucky's College of Design (Architecture & Interior Design), and Lexington's about an hour and a half from Louisville, so against all odds, between recitals, play rehearsals, classes, and exams, we two chicks packed it up and trucked it to Kentucky, leaving at 4:00 am on the DOT Friday morning. Anna slept until about 7, when we hit Knoxville-- there's a Starbucks right off of 75 that's become our half-way stop. It was WONDERFUL driving that early in the morning. CLEAR ROADS!! We had a college visit and tour, then met some RUFers for lunch. Anna spent the night with 2 of them, and got to go to their Friday Freshman Bible Study.

[[the girl to Anna's left is Liz, the RUF intern at UK-- she went to Clemson!!]]
I got her situated, then headed to Louisville. I stayed with my Shueys... did I mention that all of this was a complete surprise to Ryan?? I was rather tired after my early morning drive, and the caffeine I ingested to maintain a semblance of wakefullness as I drove through yet another traffic jam to Louisville combined with my intense excitement to be not only seeing Ryan but also SURPRISING him...let's just say that I was literally shaking with anticipation by the time I got to the Shuey's!

Hehehehe... Ryan was surprised. =D

Saturday was a complete adventure in and of itself-- Ryan & I went back to Lexington to pick Anna up, planning to make it back to the U of L volleyball game with Sina & Morgan. We were slightly delayed, but that's a long story involving a mysterious tire blowout, a rusty useless jack, a stubborn rim, Mace, strategic car-flagging-down, WalMart, fix-a-flat, a phone call to Uncle Steve (450 miles away)...and a very nice lady named Diane. God was very good to me!! And it made for a great story...
[[Cassie, Me & Anna at Synergos-- Rob had a little coffee-house concert...way to go Rob!! total rip off that they tried to make us pay $3 to get in though...]]

[[Ben & Sarah's daughter Carys...soooo cute!]]

[[They're so weird...]]

[[the best I can make of the pictures Ryan & I took together. Next time I'll get some better ones!]]

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AE said...

love the pics and the update!!!! so that's where you were on Sunday! can't wait to see you!