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Resources for Cultivating a Word- Centered Home

I hosted a workshop at my house this weekend, discussing how we can seek to build our homes more intentionally on God's Word.  This is a video of the talk I gave (well, a version of it-- thanks to technology I was able to broadcast the actual talk live on FB, but recorded a second version, a little longer because I included more, to post for those who are not on facebook).

I compiled a list of helpful resources and here it is!  Eventually I hope to add links but for now it's just book names.  And at some point I will type up my notes from the talk so people who want to just quickly skim can do so without having to hear the whole 45 minutes!

A.     Environment
1.     Décor
a)     Instagram: bb_lettering designs (handwritten Scripture etc)
b)    instagram:  dchdesignco (Scripture painted on wood- local to Greenville)
c) (Scripture & hymn art)
d)    TONS on etsy (search “hand-lettered Scripture”)
e)     Hobby Lobby
g) (wonderful variety of resources)
2.     Music
a)     Seeds CDs (multiple albums)
b)    Judy Rogers – If You Love Me (10 Commandments); Guard your Heart (the Proverbs); Go to the Ant or Teach Me While My Heart is Tender
c)     Slugs & Bugs Sing the Bible (3 CDs)
d)    Hide Em In Your Heart, Vol 1 & 2, Praise & Worship, also a DVD version
e)      Hidden in my Heart Lullabies, Vol 1 & 2
f)      Rain for Roots (3 albums)
g)     Gettys’ Kids Hymns album – Keith & Krystin Gettys
h)    My Soul Among Lions, Psalms album
i)      Michael Card albums:  The Ancient Faith (the OT); The Life (the Gospels); Unveiled Hope (Revelation); A Fragile Stone (life of the apostle Peter); Soul Anchor (Hebrews); Close Your Eyes so You can See; Sleep Sound in Jesus (for children)
j)      Christian Hymns personal hymnal (lots of classics in this one)
3.     Sure-win podcasts or sermons- Tim Keller (Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC); Grace Church in Greenville SC; Desiring God Ministries; Sojourn Community Church in Louisville KY; Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville KY
4.     Christian Stories
a)     Picture Books
-       Will, God’s Mighty Warrior
-       God Loves Me More than That- Dandi Mackall
-       Most of All, Jesus Loves You- Noel Piper
-       Read-Aloud Bible Stories (4 Volumes)- Ella K Lindvall
-       The Magnificent Amazing Time Machine- Sinclair Ferguson
-       The Illustrated Pilgrim’s Progress- Jean Watson (similar:  Dangerous Journey)
-       The White Pony- Sandra Byrd
-       Fool Moon Rising
-       The Lightlings (and any others by RC Sproul)
-       Kingdom Parables- Christopher Lane
-       Little Arch Books—The Braggy King of Babylon; The Man Who Was Swallowed by a Fish (many other titles)
-       Christopher Churchmouse books (audiobooks exist too)- Barbara Davoll
-       Giant Steps for Little People (others in same series)- Kenneth Taylor
-       Adam Raccoon stories- Glen Keane
-       Spotlight on Charity (Psalty characters) – Ken Gire
-       Look & Find Bible Stories, other similar like “Can You Find Jesus?”
b)    Chapter Books (great for read-alouds too)
-       The Bark of the Bog Owl – Jonathan Rogers (series retelling story of David)
-       The Bronze Bow- Elizabeth George Speare- set in time of Jesus
-       Cabin in the North Woods- Christian family on frontier
-       The Chronicles of Narnia – CS Lewis- also on audiobook
-       Little Pilgrim’s Progress – Helen
-       100 Cupboards – ND Wilson (series)
-       Crown & Jewel
-       The Runaway Princess – Milly Howard
-       In Grandma’s Attic- Arleta Richardson (series set in early 1900s)
-       How to Cook a Crow and other stories – Jim Crowmarty
-       Captive Treasure- Milly Howard (based on a true story)
-       Cooper Kids Adventure Series- Frank Peretti (like Indiana Jones)
-       Biographical Fiction:  The Bible Smuggler; Morning Star of the Reformation; They Shall be Mine
-       Treasures in the Snow – Patricia St John
-       Wingfeather Saga- Andrew Peterson (4 books)
-       The Green Ember – SD Smith (series)
-       the Millers series – Prudence & the Millers, Wisdom & the Millers, more- Mildred Martin
-       for adults (or as a family read-aloud): the Mitford Books- Jan Karon
5.     Misc.
a)     instagram: shereadstruth
b)    instagram: hymnsillustrated
c)     Faithful Women & their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper- specifically first chapter on Sarah Edwards; her home-keeping was a huge ministry
B.     Rituals & Habits
1.     Family Worship Resources
a.      General & Bible Overview
-       7 Arrow Questions that help apply any text- I would add “How does this text point me to Jesus?”-
-       Walk Thru the Bible – many resources
-       Grace & Truth Memory Book, Volume 1 – Tom Aschol – verses, hymns & catechism questions all together
-       The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History- very simple; this has you reading large section of straight Scripture with discussion questions
-       Bedtime Bible Story Book- a story book Bible with a short story for every day of the year, covers everything chronologically from Creation to Revelation
-       The Chronological Bible
-       the Holman Bible Atlas
-       Bible Map Book
-       Walk with Y’Shua through the Jewish Year
-       Devotions for Preschoolers – I use this as a first devotional for my early readers rather than as something I read to my preschoolers
-       Some classic adult devotionals:  My Utmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers; Charles Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening; John Piper’s Pierced by the Word (and others)
-       Lift-the-Flap-Bible – Sally Lloyd Jones
-       Family Night Tool Chest (series)- devotional
-       Tip from Brooke:  as kids grow, encourage independent Bible reading through individualized Bibles, just as a Journaling Bible or an Apologetics Bible, or the Adventure Bible
-       Wise Up – Marty Machowski – 10 minute family devotional through Proverbs
b.     Biblical Theology
-       Because He Loves Me- Elyse Fitzpatrick (for adults)
-       A Gospel Primer – Milton Vincent (for adults)
-       God’s Big Picture – Vaughan Roberts (for adults or teens)
-       Celebrate the Feasts – guide to celebrating OT Feasts as a way to see Jesus
-       Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing- Sally Lloyd Jones – devotional for children – with audiobook
-       The Biggest Story – Don Clark- beautiful illustrations
-       The Big Picture Story Bible- David Helm & Gail Schoonmaker- ages 2-6 – also has audiobook
-       The Big Picture Family Devotional
-       The Jesus Storybook Bible – Sally Lloyd Jones – 4-9 years old – also has audiobook
-       Close Your Eyes so You Can See – Michael Card - read-aloud from perspective of children in Jesus’ life
-       Long Story Short (also Old Story New)- Marty Machowski – devotional for families with elementary aged kids
-       The Gospel Story Bible – Marty Machowski – 6-13 years old
-       Grandpa’s Box – Starr Meade – narrative overview of the whole Bible
c.      Systematic Theology
-       Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem (for adults)
-       Give them Truth – Starr Meade – very helpful guide for parents
-       Visual Theology – Tim Challies – unique book that uses infographics and visuals to teach systematic theology – for adults and families
-       Awesome God – Sovereign Grace Music
-       Why Can’t I See God? – Judy Rogers- songs through Children’s Catechism
-       The Baptist Catechism to music (2 volumes)- Jim Orrick
-       Leading Little Ones to God – Kenneth Taylor
-       Big Truths for Young Hearts – family devotional – Bruce Ware
-       Big Truths for Little Kids – Susan Hunt – stories for young children through the catechism
-       The Ology – Marty Machowski – family devotional for families with elementary aged kids – CD by same name from Sovereign Grace Kids
-       Mighty Acts of God – Starr Meade – Bible story book with explicit theological teaching and terminology.  Also Wondrous Works of God – Starr Meade
-       Big Beliefs – Bruce Ware – short devotionals for families to introduce the main ideas of the Bible
-       The Radical Book for Kinds- Champ Thornton- this book kind of defies a category… it includes church history, systematic theology, Bible history and more
2.     Prayer Aids
a.      Christmas cards hole-punched and put on a binder ring as a prayer aid
b.     The Songs of Jesus- Timothy Keller – devotional/prayer prompts through the Psalms
c.      Psalms for Children - Marie-Helene Delval
d.     Operation World (for adults)/ You Can Change the World through Prayer- prayer guide for unreached and mostly-non-Christian people groups worldwide
e.      the Valley of Vision- collection of Puritan prayers
f.       Laundry Time prayer prompt
g.      Prayer cards from for praying Scripture for each member of your family
h.     Missionary Stories with the Millers- Mildred Martin – other similar missionary stories can help prompt prayer for missionaries sent from your own churches
i.       Voice of the Martyrs – represents the persecuted church world-wide:
j.       Orthodox Prayer Schedule- many Orthodox prayer schedules can be helpful, however they tend to include prayers to saints and the use of icons in worship which I do not believe to be Scriptural
k.     Tip from an Anonymous friend:  use the changing of dirty diapers as a reminder to pray for people going through messy “poopy” times
3.     Scripture Memory
a.      Fighter Verses- Desiring God ministries – app available too
b.     My ABC Bible Verses – Susan Hunt
4.     Biblical Language, especially in Discipling/Discipline of Children
a.      Shepherding a Child’s Heart- Tedd Tripp
b.     Don’t Make me Count to Three – Ginger Plowman Hubbard (Shepherding applied to younger years)
c.      Age of Opportunity- Paul David Tripp (specifically relates to teen years)
d.     Hints on Child Training- H. Clay Trumball
e.      The Mission of Motherhood – Sally Clarkson
f.       Wise Words for Moms – Ginger Plowman (chart)
g.      God’s Wisdom for Little Boys – Jim & Elizabeth George (through Proverbs)
h.     God’s Wisdom for Little Girls- Elizabeth George (through Proverbs)
i.       Child Training Bible; the Virtue Bible
j.       Doorpost Chart:  The Go to the Ant Chart ( has MANY resources for using Scripture in the home)
C.     Celebrations & Seasons
EXCELLENT overview:  Treasuring Christ in our Traditions-  Noel Piper
1.     Advent/Christmas
a.      Jesse Tree tradition – many many options
b.     Advent readings – many good options, including two by John Piper:  The Dawning of Indestructible Joy and Good News of Great Joy
c.      for Sunday only readings, the Revised Common Lectionary is a free and easy way to read just Scripture-
d.     Lectionary for daily readings-
e.      Candle to Cross wreaths (for both Lent and Advent) -
f.       Why Christmas? – Barbara Reaoch
g.      Prepare Him Room – Marty Machowski – family devotional for Advent
2.     Lent/Easter
a.      Bread and Wine- Lent readings from a variety of authors including St Augustine & CS Lewis
b.     the Easter Mystery—and other resources – at
c.      Ann Voskamp’s free downloadable Lent devotionals; she has a few- - for adults and families
d.     Mission Accomplished – Scott James- 2-week devotional for families
e.      Resurrection Eggs & book Benjamin’s Box- available from Family Life and – great for preschool & elementary age- older kids can be challenged by adding verses for them to read and memorize daily.  Start on Palm Sunday (do 2/day until Day 5, then do 1/day)
f.       The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross – Carl Laferton & Catalina Echeverri – gorgeously illustrated very simple retelling of the Easter story in all its redemptive context – for even very young children
g.      The Legend of the Easter Egg
h.     Make Room – child book for Lent (it’s not that great but the best I have found)
i.       Why Easter?- Barbara Reaoch- 4 weeks of daily devotional material geared towards children
j.       Lenten Lights – free devotional for children- 8 readings for Lent by Noel Piper -
k.     Child’s Guide to the Stations of the Cross- skip over mentions of praying a Hail Mary/edit as needed – still very helpful and well-illustrated explanation of the tradition of walking the Stations of the Cross (often done Good Friday)
3.     St Valentine’s Day- book by Voice of the Martyrs
4.     St Patrick – book by Voice of the Martyrs
5.     Halloween/Reformation Day
a.      Church History 101 – Sinclair Ferguson (for adults)
b.     Reformation ABCs – Stephen Nichol – for children
c.      Church History ABCs – Stephen Nichols – for children
d.     books on the Reformers (Huss, Wycliff, Tyndale, Zwingli, Calvin, the Luthers – both Martin and Katie, etc) – some picture books exist, for others read-aloud chapter books
e.      The Pumpkin Patch Parable
6.     Jewish Feasts, especially Passover
a.      Celebrate the Feasts – Martha Zimmerman
b.     Walk with Y’Shua through the Jewish Year
c.      Messianic Jewish Children CD’s- You Gotta Jump! and Yeladim for Y’Shua both teach Hebrew including the Hebrew alphabet and several Psalms in Hebrew, as well as Scripture in English

d.     A Christian Haggadah Passover – free resource by Ann Voskamp -

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