Thursday, June 07, 2012

39 weeks!

39 Weeks Along
There it is:  pictures of The Belly, especially for all my far-away family that was sure 4 weeks ago that I was already impossibly large...  I have indeed done the impossible and grown more. :)

Yesterday's midwife appointment was fun as ever.  Daddy kept Eowyn so I could have more concentrated time with the midwife, and I was actually glad I had to wait (a HUGE rarity in her office!) about a half hour to be seen-- I happened to have a new book with me, and it was a very pleasant wait alone in her sunshiny waiting room.  The stats:  my belly stayed at 38 cm-- I personally think this is because it's almost permanently contracted.  Definitely feels like a bowling ball most of the time now.  I'm at 160 lbs, meaning I lost a pound since last week, which is kind of encouraging because that's a hint that labor is near (of course, I know it's coming in the next 3 weeks anyway so no huge light bulb there, lol).  So far I've gained 30 lbs with Mr. William, which is right at what I gained with Eowyn.  What's interesting to me is that I gained it earlier and steadier with him and much of it at the end with her... and this trimester I've hardly gained any at all.  My pulse and b/p are good-- his heart beat was a bit lower than usual (124), as he was actually sleeping for once.  Usually at my appointments he's kicking the doppler and making my midwife laugh at his poking-out-body-parts.  But everything looked and sounded good.  She tried to check for dilation but William's head is so low that it was pretty impossible.  Oh well, not like it matters anyway.  I don't think I'll ask to be checked again until labor.

It's not working out with Daddy, but 'tretching with Tia Anna is pretty cool, too
I have tons of "toning contractions"-- more than I remember having with Eowyn-- usually accompanied by back twinges and crampy feelings.  I really thought he might be coming around the full moon (Sunday or Monday), but many of the labor-symptoms passed as the moon waned.  Now I'm settling in for the long haul.  :)  I can't believe my baby niece is 3 weeks old already-- time is flying by so fast that I know I can hold out another 3 weeks if I need to just fine. 

My round ligaments are super-stretched, and Liam seems to know JUST where to kick to make me feel like I have a terrible side stitch.  He's got long little legs (wonder where he gets those...)!  But the weather is gorgeous-- highs in the low 70s-- so I honestly have no complaints.  If there was perfect pregnancy weather, this is it!  Eowyn and I go on walks to our neighborhood playground or with Ryan downtown, and it's completely pleasant.  Our little garden is growing and so far I can keep up with it no problem.  Our house is mostly unpacked-- I still have the task of putting pictures up in all the rooms, but I'm putting that off until William's here and I can bend & lift more easily! 

Eowyn has been testing a lot of limits lately-- trying to obey on her terms ("I just doin' this first, Mommy...") or ask repeatedly for permission to do something she's already been told she can't do, or outright ignore instructions. I do praise the Lord that her heart is teachable right now, despite all her little sin. Talks about "listening to the Snake" who lies and tells her disobeying is more fun than obeying actually often stop a fit in its tracks, and the other day she melted my heart by uttering a heart-broken little "I'm sorry, Mommy!" on her own after a fit. I daily pray that the Lord gives her a new heart very soon! Every night she asks me "Mommy, why do I not need to be 'cared? Who is with me?" And I answer "Jesus." And she asks "and who else?" And I finish "The angels." So precious that that actually comforts her in the dark! Her little mind continues to grow at an astounding rate! She puts things together and talks so much more every day... it's a little bit intimidating at times! I'll try to upload some cute videos soon. (EDIT: they're up!)  We have a great one of her trying valiantly to show 2 fingers at once (she can do it now, with MUCH pride), another of her dancing at our local Highland festival, and another of her proclaiming that she does NOT want to taste beer because only "mans" drink that, and "I a GIRL, Daddy.... Maybe when I a man, I will like it." She cracks us up so much and we are really enjoying her. I'm so glad we have a two year old... Ryan & I joke we're going to keep having kids just so we can always have a toddler in the house-- they are so much fun!
How tall is Eowyn? Almost 3'!
Our other family news is that Ryan's been getting into Cross-Fit training with some guys at the church we've been attending.  Mr Not-a-morning-person has been getting up 3 mornings a week at 5:30 am, working out muscles he'd forgotten he had... and coming home sore but learning so much!  (We sound like senior citizens getting into and out of bed at night, hah.)  I am rather proud of him. :) Eowyn went with him to buy his new work-out shorts, and proceeded to insist that she needed work-out shorts, too... so she can "be 'twong... in the Lord."  My mom obliged and our newest entertainment is her donning them and trying to "work out like Daddy."  Her push-ups and squats are very... creative.

It just keeps going, and going...
Ok that's all, folks... my back can't take sitting much longer!  Too many contractions!!

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