Friday, December 21, 2012

Mom's Christmas Surprise

The biggest Christmas gift I worked on this year was for my mom.  While she & my dad were off celebrating their Silver Anniversary in Costa Rica...
My sister Nicole & I (with Dad as our financial backer) were re-doing her downstairs back at home.  Yes, my sister lives 5 hours away in NC and we have 3 little ones between us.  We plotted & schemed for weeks leading up to it, organizing babysitters, buying groupons, & planning purchases.  She drove down with her baby girl and stopped at IKEA on the way (so wonderful on a budget!).  Wonderful friends pitched in to help watch our kids (and enjoy Eowyn's dress-up clothes):

Eowyn & I baked dinners & breakfasts-to-go ahead of time:

And we did it!!  We hired a painter to repaint the stairwell & upstairs hallway, we hung a wall of pictures, we framed and arranged family portraits & artwork Mom's "always wanted to hang", bought new furniture (found at TJ Maxx, Craigslist, Marshall's & Hobby Lobby), and many more small tasks.

Mom. Was. Thrilled.

Score for Dad. :)

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Jeannette Davenport said...

That was such a great idea! I saw the video you posted on Facebook - she was definitely surprised.