Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letters to Liam- 5 Months

I love your new little tucked-lip-smile!
My dear little man-

You've really started to be on the move this month.  It started with rolling over, then you added dragging yourself along, and now you positively army crawl, your arms smacking rhythmically and your toes grasping for purchase on our hardwood floors.  You push yourself to nearly a sitting position, sometimes forgetting to balance and tipping over.  When you smack yourself on the floor or a toy, you show us the Drama King within by screaming with more rage then pain.  However, kisses from Mama quickly make it all better!  You've got the arms of a swimmer and anything you grab (paper is a favorite, and diaper rash cream a new attempt today) goes straight into that adorable little mouth of yours.  Family dinner table with you involves lots of prevention and re-snatching.  You have found your feet and grin at me with extra glee when you grab both socks in your meaty little hands and p-u-l-l.  Such fun!  Your favorite spot is in my arms, though anyone's arms are better than no one's-- yesterday your grandpa GB carried you for much of the evening, remarking "you sure like to be held, don't you?"  Daddy complains that whenever he picks you up, you immediately crane as far over as possible, so as not to miss any view advantage.

Speaking of Daddy, he is definitely your favorite dude.  Mrs. Wendy gave you a cool camo outfit that says "Daddy's sidekick," and that is the truth!  A few nights ago you started crying when he left the room and lit up when he came back for you.  He loves coming into your field of vision because your face erupts in a smile and you begin your "happy flap," kicking and grinning.  You also grin lots for your sister.  All three of us love to elicit chuckles and belly laughs from you, either by playing "peek-a-boo!" or by tickling your little chin or your ribs.  You have the best laugh.

You've begun sleeping pretty consistently through the night from 9ish to 6ish with a dream-feed around midnight on most nights (some nights you skip this and make Mommy VERY happy).  I sing "Be Thou My Vision" to you and this settles you down really well.  You are nursing 90% of the time, with me only giving you a bottle with added probiotics every 3 days or so.  I love this.  You seem to, too.  Your digestion seems to be settling down (yay!) so the bottles are reserved for days when other people watch you... however, lately, you've begun to prefer to just wait until I get home --so far Daddy, Nina and Tia Olga are the only ones you've taken a bottle for!  After all I've gone through to get you to nurse, this is a-o-k with me!

I've let you taste a few things here and there-- kefir, yogurt, pumpkin, banana, egg yolk-- but nothing more than a taste.  For now you are thriving on mama's milk and I am happy to stick with that.  You are very long & lean, wearing 9-12 month clothes for the length.  Anything smaller and your poor little forearms and calves get so cold!  With your gentle hands and good coordination I think Poppy might have his little athlete after all.

You babble so sweetly, and when you get tired complain "daa-dee-daa-dee-de-de-de."  (I think this means Daddy should get up with you at night.)  You chew your fingers, suck a paci to sleep at times (like in church against my chest in your Ergo every Sunday), are fascinated with tags (the taggy ball from Grandma & Grandpa is a hit!) and love to gum Sophie & an iris-root from Switzerland.  You like something against your cheek when you drift off-- like one of your "bo-bos" (burro, puppy or doggy), your taggy blanket, mommy's shirt or your crib bumper.  It's so cute to watch you rub your little eyes or burrow your face into my chest. You have a "pick me up!" paddle you do when you've had enough floor time.  You also are learning "no toques" and have mastered "quieto" (be still).  When instructed not to touch something (like Nina's Chinese vase or the power strip), you stop, look at me, and begin tapping one foot thoughtfully.  Then you either go for it or turn away.  When I turn you around and get you interested in something else, you'll eventually start going back for it, and without fail you stop and look for me, as if to ask "so... can I go eat it now?"  

I love you so dearly, my little boy.  These arms are glad to hold you and I don't think any child could be more kissed.  I pray over you every night, that the Lord would multiply all the love going into you and use you to carry His love to the nations.  You have a heavy responsibility, my son-- to whom much is given, much shall be required, and you are daily given so much.

Praying you learn to run to Jesus very very soon,
--your Mommy

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