Monday, December 19, 2011

New Worship Album by Ben Brainard

Here is a great chance to pre-order an album by a friend of ours that promises to be musically AND theologically sound.  Our friend Ben Brainard, now a pastor at LaGrange Baptist Church, was the worship leader at our home fellowship (Immanuel) for years... and we STILL miss him. :)  He even came and worked with my boys when I was a private-school choral conductor.  We also hammed it up at VBS leading the music together, and he & Ryan were our skit masters times.  He's a gifted composer and prayer-full man. Anyway, he's put his first album on Kickstarter, a website that lets you donate any amount you wish towards a project.  Check it out --for $15 you can pre-order the album, and there are all sorts of other options too.  Enjoy & please pass this on... it could be that Christmas gift for one who's impossible to buy for...  Music ministers & worship leaders please take note-- this album is intended to be useful for congregational worship too; catchy simple melodies and rich singable words.  The project will close in two days, and if the full amount isn't raised, Ben will have to try again some other way/time.  He's so close right now!

Check it out:  Congregational Worship Album We Are the Light.

None of these songs have been professionally recorded yet- thence the Kickstarter project- so all samples are still "in the raw" (think Rich Mullins' Jesus Record)

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