Sunday, December 11, 2011

Little Bit of Mid-Winter Sun

She was intimidated by the waves, and just
wanted to curl up and "sleep" for quite a while.
Ryan's company had a retreat & then hosted a Dupal Commerce training near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this past week (in Hallandale/Hollywood, FL).  He pitched the idea of us coming along a few months back, but I wasn't sure I'd be feeling up to traveling.  However, as the day drew nearer, I was more afraid I wasn't feeling up to being alone!  So we bought tickets and began to look forward to a few days in the warmth.

I am SO thankful we got to do this.  God gave me a wonderful break from pregnancy-sickness and I felt much better than I had in a while.  The warm sun & cool water felt great on my poor ol' legs, and Eowyn had a blast splashing in the pool and kicking over my sandcastles (with absolutely no remorse).  The hotel was quite nice, with a pool & hot tub that we got to enjoy the first night because the thermostat was turned way down (yay!).  Every morning Eowyn & I would head to the beach for a few hours-- she was mostly terrified of the waves, and the water was too cold for my liking, but it was very warm (70s-80) in the sun, and we would spread a towel or grab a lounge chair and read books or play in the sand.  She loved burying her feet and then fake crying "Mama, I lost my feet!  I can't find them!"  She also enjoyed sprinkling my legs with sand and wanting me to cry... One morning I had the idea to bring along a plastic cup and that was definitely her favorite-- she dug and poured and loved watching me build, the whole time asking "I knock it over now?"  Once the sun had risen a good bit and the shallow end of the hotel pool was in full sunlight, we would go to the pool & splash around.  She absolutely loved it!!

We took nice naps after lunch, and in the afternoon did a variety of things.  Once we walked with a friend to get some Ben & Jerry's, another time we were stuck inside from the rain & watched cartoons.  Once we went back to the pool.  Eowyn learned to "play" Angry Birds on our phones.  Everyone doted on her; some of Ryan's business partners even bought her an Angry Birds Hallandale Beach t-shirt!!  Totally the perfect souvenir...

Ryan's business partner Tim had arranged all sorts of fun food outings for us, and we enjoyed sushi on the Broadwalk (no, that's not a typo), catered food by the hotel pool, excellent seafood, huge juicy burgers (though we were terrorized by giant crows dropping sea grapes on us... seriously, they left purple stains on Ryan's pants!), and a memorable middle eastern restaurant -complete with belly dancer -where Eowyn learned to shout "Opa!" and throw napkins in the air.

I was shocked at how FEW families were down there-- we saw maybe 2 other young children on the beach when we went.  Everyone else was at least 65.  I can't wait to homeschool and just head down to the beach in December "because!" :)  The first afternoon we arrived, Ryan, Eowyn & I were splashing around in the pool, almost delirious because it was 80 degrees and it was due to snow back home, and we were in swimsuits, and I remember saying "coming here was the best idea we've ever had!"  So, thank you, Commerce Guys, for making it possible, and ultimately, thank You, Father, who delights to give your children undeserved, unexpected good gifts.

Just not sure about those waves...

Finally, a grin!  (I showed her how to "lose" her feet)

One of our lunch spots

Looking for the birds

They're cute now... wait until they're dropping stuff on your head

Playing in the hotel pool

Found it!
Chillin' like a villain

Another favorite pastime: splashing

Mr. Tim entertaining her with his iPad
Cup +Sand = FUN!

Told you everyone doted on her...

She was absolutely taken with this little "P'incess" book, given her by the hotel staff

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