Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Helpful Analogies For Sexual Purity Before the Lord

My best friend is a pastor's wife up in the snowy north (aka Toronto, Canada), and is leading her women's group through several topics relating to godly living as women.  Their last session, entitled "Two Whys to Make Us Wise," dealt particularly with sexual purity.  Many of you who appreciated the blog post celebrating the God-honoring romance of my sister & brother-in-law may want to check out her latest blog post summarizing their session.  I particularly found the analogies helpful, and am tucking them away to use in mentoring my children in the more distant future, and any teens I am in relationship with in the nearer future.

To whet your appetite, the two "whys" she discusses are 1. Why do we have sex? and 2. Why should we honor God with our bodies (especially as Christians)?

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