Friday, March 25, 2011

5 Things to do with a Flannel ex-Baby Blanket

I don't know about other moms, but the number of blankets I received for my baby far outnumbered the actual amount I could use without putting my daughter at a serious risk for overheating.  I guess there's something irresistible about the soft fabric, and the multitude of adorable prints; we just can't resist buying them for friends!  My baby is past the need for "receiving" blankets, and I've picked my favorites and stored them for "next time."  Barring an addition of triplets to our home, I won't need that remaining stack.  I've given many away, but some have holes or stains, and then there are 3 of those ugly green and pink striped hospital-issued ones... not going to pass those on.  So, what to do with them?  Ahhh... I have so enjoyed trying to take a step back and looking at them through a blanket-less lense.  What could they become?  Here are my top-5 easy answers.  I'd LOVE to hear more of your ideas!!

1. Cut it up, double zig-zag stitch the edges, and use as cloth wipes We do cloth diapers, so I keep a stack of cloth wipes in a little basket on Eowyn's dresser, and wet them as needed from a squeeze bottle (gotten in the hospital at E's birth). Super simple!  Even if you use disposable diapers, these would be wonderfully soft wipees for hands, faces, noses, and high chairs!  I've started using only cloths on Eowyn's (and my) nose and have seen and felt a drastic difference... no more red chapped noses around here!

2. Use as the wonderful soft, warm, flannel fabric that it is.  You can do so many things with it if you think of it as fabric:  it can be the underside of a quilt or other blanket, squares in a soft-and-silky "taggy" (or just "silky") blanket, flannel jammies, bibs, or burp cloths.  (For burp cloths, cut one blanket in half, then fold the halves in half.  Sew wrong sides together on 3 sides, turn inside out, sew the final sides together, add ribbons, rick rack, whatever... you will have some of the most absorbent burp cloths EVER!! We were given a stack of some by a craftsy friend, and they became my favorites!)

3. Make them into cloth "mama pads."  Flannel, being soft and very absorbent, is the perfect material for this.  I know, this might be too gross for you... but it is something you can do with flannel blankets! :)

4. Have fun making toys- The simplest is as follows:  cut one blanket in half, turn down the edge and hem it.  Voila!  A perfectly sized doll blanket; easy for little hands to wrap a baby, without risking tripping over a trailing end.  Other ideas are a bit more involved:  blocks, balls, even a bunny!

5. Make a reading companion-- a bookmark that doubles as a glasses or pen holder.  I think this is a great idea and will probably be making some for some dearly beloved older relatives who are always misplacing their reading glasses...

Ok, now that your neurons are firing, tell me... What uses have you found for receiving blankets?


Ryan Szrama said...

You could make boxers for your husband.

Jo said...

How about using the flannel blankies for batting or backing in quilts or hot-pads?

drewcilladouse said...
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Eowyn's Heir said...

I love it!, thanks!