Friday, November 05, 2010

More on Wool Diaper Covers

Several of my friends & readers have been asking me further questions on wool diaper covers. Kind of along the lines of "what's so special about wool?" I asked the same question! I also used to wonder what people used to use to diaper babies in Medieval Europe, when letting babies run around naked in winter wasn't exactly an option (like it is was/is in warmer climates). Now I know: they used wool diaper covers, naturally water-repellent, flame-resistant, breathable, and anti-bacterial. Did I mention both water-resistant AND absorbent? Yes, I know those two don't sound like they should go together, but they do.  It doesn't HAVE to be a choice between something breathable for baby's skin, and something waterproof for everyone else's sake (leakage-prevention).  Here is a link on wool, especially as it relates to cloth diapering.

A note on diaper covers-- they work best (easiest) with fitted diapers, which I never had much use for before.  I split a lot of ecobaby organic sherpa grow-with-me diapers (they have snaps to enable them to fit babies 5 lbs-35 lbs, and are super-soft, super absorbent, and just adorable) off craigslist (they retail for $15-18 without shipping, and I got them for $6 each!!) and have been so impressed.  If I had known how easy wool covers were to make, I might have gone a wholly different cloth diaper route, of snapped one-size fitted diapers with homemade wool diaper covers (also called "soakers")!!  The nice thing about fully snapped diapers is that they wear out less quickly than the velcro fastened kind, so it actually might last through the whole diapering of several children.  As it is, I'm planning on making 4ish small wool covers to use with the ecobaby dipes, in preparation for "next time." (and no, there is no "next time" on the horizon as of yet =D)

You may have already seen my link to making a pull-on "baby bum sweater" (I've made 3 so far), and the super-easy legging/diaper cover "longies" combo (I've made 2 of these).  I just found these links teaching you how to make a wrap-style wool diaper cover-- this would be useful if you don't plan on buying any fitted diapers and have good prefolds.  I don't know how to follow knitting patterns, but if you do (are you reading this, Nicole??) here is a free wool soaker pattern.  Hmmm...maybe for my Christmas present you can teach me to read knitting patterns, sis?

Well, I need to go re-lanolize my longies, shorties & soakers.  I'm using these instructions and trying my hand at making my own wool wash... gotta do something with all that lanolin (Lasinoh) I received and never used!  Hmmm... I just may order some eucalyptus essential oil to go in there... we have a lavender bush-- I wonder if I can learn to make my own essential oil of lavender... 'bout just one project at a time, lol...

PS-- awesome cloth diaper link:  Boise Cloth Diapers.

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