Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Reminders of Grace

This is a different sort of post for me; my first "sponsored" review of a product (rather than a book).  Dayspring (yes, the Christian card makers), has a division of home products called (in)courage, and they sent me something to try out for free in exchange for my honest opinion on this blog.  An intriguing idea, which works out wonderfully if, as in this case, I end up really liking the product.

What did I get? this red-and-white Christmas pitcher from their "Jesus is the Gift" collection.  Now, if you know me, you know that I am frugal, and quite the minimalist.  My sisters called me "Mrs. Save-y-saver" because of my obsession with saving & re-purposing items rather than buying a new item specifically for a new purpose.  I've hardly given the seasonal house decor a second look (I'll make my own decorations, thank you!), and especially dismissed the "Christian" versions as yet another commercial marketing gimmick aimed sole-ly to get more money out of Christian consumers.

Going to the Relevant conference and seeing the room Dayspring put together changed that perception.  All of a sudden I was surrounded by beautiful reminders of God's character, His kindness, His provision, His Word & His care.  They had plates, paintings, mugs, platters, wall-hangings, bookmarks, journals, centerpieces and even paperweights.  I realized how helpful they were; daily reminders all around me that God is good.  Now, those reminders are around us whether we have special plates and wall-hangings or not.  Every good and perfect gift is from above, whether our spouses or our children or our plants or that yummy pumpkin pie.  And every event is a grace, every bit of food a mercy.  With some effort, we could make our own visual reminders-- Bible verses on index cards or in photo frames, embroidered towels, paintings, wreaths, and honestly, I will keep doing those things as long as I live, I hope.  But I'm also a busy mom these days.  When am I going to have the time to make those things, much less take up pottery or painting?

I love having people over, many of whom are unbelievers, the rest of whom are believers in need of reminders of God (just like me!).  Using serving items with these beautiful affirmations of truth is yet another way to proclaim our love for our Lord.  They are daily reminders for me as I walk by my dining room table (where they pitcher will soon replace my Fall arrangement), in this case, that Jesus IS the gift-- have I thanked God for Him recently?

Dayspring's delivery was wonderfully fast, too.  Within 4 days of my order, the pitcher was FedExed to my door in perfect condition. The pitcher isn't unwieldy or hard to use; neither is it difficult to clean. It's cheery and matches the Christmas decor I already have (red & white is pretty universal).  I find the swirls, dots and snowflakes to be fun, yet not tacky or childish-- tasteful.  I will be trolling the DaySpring store for gifts this Christmas and in the future!

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