Sunday, October 17, 2010

Supporting Freedom

Forget all the movies starring strippers who choose that life "because it makes them feel good about themselves."  This post is about the ugly truth of sex as business.  It's often forced-- either through outright slavery, desperation, or abuse that leaves the woman feeling as if she has no other option. Often even those women there "by choice" were not introduced to prostitution, stripping, dancing, pornography, etc., voluntarily.  Regardless of their backgrounds, like every person apart from Christ's Rescue, women enmeshed in the sex trade or industry are slaves-- slaves to sin and to Satan, a dark evil master who wants only their destruction.

The sex trade-- it isn't just in exotic nations full of harems.  It isn't just grown women.  It's children, all over the world, even in our own nation.  All around us, both near and far.  There are terrified and hurting women, girls and boys.  What are we going to do about it?

There are organizations made up of people who want to imitate Christ by literally rescuing slaves.  Many of you may have read my post on the plight of "porn stars" in the AMERICAN porn industry.  Here in Louisville,  an organization called Scarlet Hope actively pursues women in the sex industry, showing them kindness, respect, and the compassion of Christ every week.  A Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken concert is scheduled locally to benefit this ministry.  The Pink Cross Foundation is a nation-wide ministry with similar goals.

If it's the people-- especially those literally enslaved-- in foreign nations that God lays on your heart, my friend & fellow blogger Jeanette posted some links to these organizations, which could become Christmas gift sources!  Punjammies are fun, beautiful clothing items made by Indian women escaping prostitution.  Ransomwear sells clothing, purses and hats made by women and girls escaping the sex trade in Nepal. Made By Survivors is similar, selling jewelry, bags, and handmade rugs.  All of these organizations have fairly interactive websites, where you can donate directly or get involved in other ways.  Please check them out.

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jow said...

This is exactly where our heart is. Loved the post! Glad you are making people aware of these industries and markets. People are just truly unaware of how much of this is occurring. Praying for you guys!