Friday, October 01, 2010

Li'l Szrama-clan Update

I sat down to write my sister an email, and out came a pretty good summary of our doings since coming home on Sunday.

First off, I detailed my next project:  baby-bum sweaters!!  Eowyn is outgrowing her diaper wraps, and I think instead of just ordering more I want to try this. One of my friends sons can only wear wool wraps, and she showed me the ones she made, which motivated me to try some on my own. So here goes!! (My sister is a fellow DIY recycled crafts nut.  I love her.  We used to have craft nights and cover our bedroom floors with our crafts, and just talk and talk and talk. We totally need to do that again.)

Next, the going-ons: We have E's "Sugar and Spice" party tomorrow (along with 2 other girlies born about a week apart), so today I'm making pumpkin cupcakes for that. Tomorrow we'll be getting ready for the party but I may attempt a goodwill run, looking for sweaters.

I got an amazing haul of books 2 days ago at Half-Price books- mostly kid books (I got a bunch of new board books for $1 each, and several really nice new bilingual books for $2 each... and a ton of paperback classics like 'Time Cat' and 'Bridge to Terabinthia' for 50c each... oh yes and Artemis Fowl books for a buck each-- Powell Christmas gifts, check. Baby gifts, check.), AND a Lonestar CD (The one with "mr mom" on it) for $2. So fun. The only reason I didn't buy the whole store was that Eowyn kept entertaining herself by going and pulling books off the shelf. Very funny.

We went apple picking at Huber's Wed. with our church playgroup (pics here), and then yesterday we had our family portraits taken. It was a GORGEOUS day, about 85, so we had perfect weather. Eowyn really liked the photographer-- a portly, soft-spoken man, and she held out her arms to him and cuddled on his shoulder the second she saw him! We were shocked! Anyway, he was amazed at how easy she was to photograph, and she did all her tricks for the camera-- holding up one finger for her age, putting her hands over her head and saying "Ta!!!" for ("tan grande!" (so big) when asked how big she is), waving hi and bye, crawling and walking. We have to wait 2 weeks to see them but I'm confident there will be at least a half-dozen must-haves.
Thirdly, reading list:  I'm going back and kinda skimming HP 4 right now... just finished All Creatures Great and Small (James Herriott-- HILARIOUS!!). I think I'm going to try Walt Wangerin's Book of the Dun Cow next-- it was highly recommended at the Hutchmoot and so far they haven't led me wrong. 

Lastly, spiritual health and time-management update (so often they go hand-in-hand for me...maybe for all moms):  I actually have been doing better about cleaning & tidying up the house, and I've started decorating for fall. Having friends over is a good motivator for me, lol. I got to sit down and read my Bible just a minute ago (love that morning nap), and it was Ps 121 which I'm sure you know. The Lord spoke to me in a different way through it, though, as not just a comfort "The Lord who watches you will not slumber," but as a "you have no excuse" reminder. There is NEVER a time when I can't ask for help with my attitude, with my thoughts, with my temptations. A few days ago I was really frustrated with life and Ryan got I'm-mad-at-you-treatment for a whole day... I knew it was wrong but I didn't care and didn't feel like anything could help me. The Lord brought that to mind and reminded me that "yes, I would have helped. I was awake and watching, remember?" I am so thankful for forgiveness in the Gospel, arent' you? Without it I would be so crushed by my own guilt.

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