Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

With my baby's first birthday coming 3 days before mine, and my "party" coming between 2 of her 3, I almost forgot that this year, I turned 25.  I've been breathing this (steadily-more-polluted?) air for a quarter of a century now.  Kinda weird. Click on the pictures here to see them in higher resolution, and/or click here for more pics of the night.

To celebrate, Ryan organized a dinner for me at Outback Steakhouse (yum!)... but as I had to give Eowyn about half of my steak, loaded sweet potato and garlic mashed potatoes, I may call for a repeat. :)  My dear friend Jenny came, alone with her two babies (which I considered a mark of true friendship), and we enjoyed the company of good ol' Szrama-party-staples Ashlea and Mr. The Lyle.  The food was great, and I received some truly marvelous gifts... including a long-dreamed off French coffee press!!  HAH I don't have to share that with ANYONE, considering that Ryan hates coffee, and Eowyn isn't allowed (too much).  Ryan was so sweet in helping Eowyn write me a card, too. :) I was very impressed at how he had taken notes of gift ideas throughout the past few months-- great job, Love!!

Dessert was at our new favorite ice-cream place, the locally owned and operated Comfy Cow (which gives free scoops on your birthday!!)  Their ice cream is the best I've had this side of the Atlantic.  Thanks to Auntie Ashlea, Eowyn now agrees (thanks a lot Ashlea!! ;D)  Jenny's husband Aaron joined us as well as our almost-family, the Shueys.  Those of you who know them from Greenville might be shocked at how growed-up they are ... amazing kids.

It is such a blessing to have at least one day a year when people go out of their way to remind you that they love you-- freely and unconditionally.  Thanks, everyone, for the calls, the cards, the gifts, the FB messages, the texts, the voice mails, the e-cards, the emails.  They all came together in a kaleidescope that forms a sort of cross-section of my Father's Sovereign, always-forgiving, never-giving-up Love for me.

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