Sunday, May 02, 2010

To the Zoo!

Friday, April 23rd; Greenville Zoo

My old buddy Mary Scott, with her 4 darlings- Katy (7), Darsie (5), Liam (2 1/2), and Molly (2 mos) (are those right, Mary Scott?)- Valerie & her 3- Hannah (4), Noah (2), and Abby (11 mos)- Val's college roomie Julie up from Georgia, with her 2- Sydney (4) & Jonah (2)- my Mom, and me with Eowyn (7 mos)- all met up on this hot South-Carolina-summer-ish morning at the Greenville Zoo. That was 4 moms, 1 grandma, 9 preschoolers, and 1 first-grader. Lets just say we could've gotten a group rate... although since so many were under 5 it wasn't very expensive at all!! We definitely had the cutest bunch of kids!! (thank you, Mom for many of these pictures!)

E sportin' her Roots Canada flair, her adorable sun hat, and her first-time-painted toenails.

I busted out the umbrella stroller (thank you, Kathy D!), which was universally admired for its bright colors.

And we're off to find Julie!

Enjoying the orangutans

Noah checkin' out the sleeping lions

Jonah's curls-- what was I telling you about having the cutest bunch of kids?

Molly out of the Ergo & about to eat... classic newborn flop!

Katy, Liam, Mary Scott, Molly's head, me, Eowyn, Hannah (Darsie invisible behind her), Noah, Abby, Val, Mom taking pic

We made it through the Africa loop, the reptile house and the monkey house before the kids' blood sugars were plummeting. Mom had packed us an amazing picnic lunch, so we took over a couple tables and started doling out salad, fruit, cheese sticks and sandwiches. Yum! Darsie & I shared a water bottle. :) Eowyn discovered a new love: grapes! I think the kids' favorite part was the mister, though it took our more cautious ones a while to work up the gumption to run through it. Maybe a close second was seeing the kookaburra and having all their moms suddenly burst into "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...," a song which they'd never heard. :)

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Kathy said...

She makes a cute stroller insanely cuter ;)

Glad it's coming in handy!

Kathy D.