Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visit to Greenville

The stars were favorably aligned; the omens were clear: it was the week of the ARBCA GA (my home church's denominations general assembly, meaning that many of my dearest friends would be in ONE place from the far corners of the continent-- Powells from Canada, Foremans from Pennsylvania, Marleys from Arizona), it was my friend Tracy's wedding, it was a single-mom weekend for me, with Ryan in San Francisco, not to mention the usual gravitational pull that my parent's home and beloved Grace Baptist of Taylors SC have on me. Add to that the promise that BOTH sisters-- Nicole & Colin in Cary, NC, and Anna from Clemson, SC-- would make it up for the weekend, and I was definitely going to Greenville. No way would I miss that.

Since the Powell family would be stopping in at Top Porch for 3 nights on their way back to Canada within a day of my own return home, I had to have the house pretty set when I left. I pulled about 5 very late nights in a row getting our house ready for company, and company with very little fingers at that. Our guest room had long been our storage room, and our playroom was in total disarray, so both had to be organized, cleaned and rearranged. By Thursday morning at 7 am, I had the car packed, the house fairly well in order, and both baby and I ready to run carpool, work the morning at school, and then shoot off to Greenville straight from work. I even had my recycling in the car so I could drop it off on the way out of town. =D (Can you tell I was motivated to get to Greenville as early as possible?)

E enjoying her car mirror during one of our quick stops. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa! The mirror is CRUCIAL on these car trips, especially when I'm alone!

My happy little travel buddy

The drive couldn't have been more beautiful, and Eowyn and I made very good time. I had Emma on AudioBook to keep me company, as well as a few mixes I'd un-earthed in my de-junking spree... these made me miss Ryan. =D Eowyn slept for the first 2 1/2 hours or so. When she woke up, I devised a system to hand her one toy at a time to keep her happy between stops-- I'd gather them all up at the stop, and start over again once we took off. I had reserve paci's stashed ready at hand, too! I stopped only to nurse her and change her and fill up the car with gas, snacking as I drove. We unfortunately lost about 45 minutes-1 hour on the detour around I-40, due to a rock slide... they opened it back up a day after I drove through!! Oh well... we arrived in Greenville just as Eowyn had enough of the carseat and was letting me know it.

I was joyfully greeted by my Mom & Dad, and of course Mom immediately began doing what she does best-- taking care of us. In no time I was eating a yummy meal and so was Eowyn (carrots, yum). Just as we were digging in, who should walk in but my bestest friend-- Valerie, who was staying (along with her hubby and 3 little ones) at my parents' house for the week!? It was funny how natural it felt to see my best friend in my parents' house... even though I didn't live at home when we were friends. As the weekend progressed, the house got fuller and fuller, with first Nicole & Colin arriving, then Anna and her roommate Caiti (an honorary Thompson by now). I must confess that it felt a little like Christmas! I think it's a preview of days to come, when my parents' home will be often full of little people (grandchildren!), of families camped out in what used to be single girl's bedrooms, and of old toys now cleaned off and being enjoyed all over again. As it was, I don't think I've seen my mom happier than with all of her daughters- even 2 honorary ones (she has quite a few of those)- "home," and all FOUR of her favorite little people (she was Hannah & Noah's nanny when they were in Greenville) under one roof!

It's been a really sleep-scarce week, but a really really joyful one, too.

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