Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Translation because I'm a nerd... Can't resist dialects and idoms!

"The knight (referring I think to "Bonnie Prince Charlie"), being fearless, did march down to Bristle Brae
Through Tranent (town in East Lothian, Scotland) ever he did stand as fast as he could go
While General Cope (English general who was ordered to raise troops and put a stop to the Jacobite uprising) did taunt and mock with many a loud hurrah,
Before the cock crowed the next morn we heard another crow

The brave Lochiel (Donald Cameron of Lochiel, 19th Chief of clan Cameron, who aided Bonnie Prince Charles in his effort to take over) as I heard tell, led Cameron (meaning clan Cameron) on in clouds man
The morning fair with clear air, they let loose with devilish thuds man
They threw down their (the English's) guns, drew their own swords, and soon did chase them off man
On Seaton's crafts (referring to the hills around Port Seton, maybe?) they burst their jaws and made them run like crazy man

The bluff dragoons swore by God's blood and wounds that they'd make the rebels run man
And yet they fled when they saw them, and wouldn't fire their guns man
They turned their backs, taken with fits- such terror siezed them a' man
Some wet their cheeks some fouled their breeches and some fainted for fear man

Smith* made such haste by spurring his beast 'twas little there he saw man
To Berwick he rode and safely said "the Scots are rebels!" a' man
He didn't stand still until he got over Soutra Hill, before he tasted meat man
Long may he brag about his swift nag that bore him away so quickly man

But Gardner* brave did still behave like a hero bright man
His courage true, like him were few, that still despised flight man
For king and laws and country's cause in Honour's bed (dying in battle) did fall man
His life but not his courage fled while he had breath to draw man

At yon thorn tree that you may see beneath the meadow mill man
There's many slain lie on the plain the clans pursuing still man
Such uncouth whacks and deadly hacks I never saw the likes man
Their actions cost those that fell near Preston Dykes their hands & hides, man"

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