Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Mos Old

Dear Eowyn,
Every month that the Lord gives you to us brings such joy! You just get more fun every day! You're learning and growing by leaps and bounds, and Daddy & I could easily spend hours watching you each day. You're getting more responsive to us; you play Peek-a-Boo and almost laugh when we say "Boo!," you greet us with that newly-toothy grin, you reach for toys and tell us you want to stand up by throwing yourself straight back. You cry when Mama leaves you, although Daddy is a suitable substitute if you aren't watching and/or cranky when she walks out. You love to lay on your back and kick your legs-- I marvel that your heels don't get sore! You roll over from your back to your front over and over, and have even rolled from your front to your back in pursuit of a toy. You are a crazy sleeper these days, rolling and rotating all over your crib! You often wake up unhappy to be on your back, or pressed against the crib's bars, or chilly because all your covers are underneath you. Sigh. Please stay warm and happy so we can all sleep, ok?

You've really turned a corner in your eating. You usually eat happily, quickly, and let me sit down most of the time! You are intrigued by spoons and are getting the hang of eating your egg yolk from one, instead of sucking it off Mommy's finger. You get really excited when you see your spoons and try to grab it! Your tummy is learning to stay closed, too, which is highly exciting for everyone who loves you. You still spit up, but not nearly so copiously. You don't seem bothered by your tummy, either. You have become such a contented, smily baby, though you don't laugh much at all. Some day (and Daddy & I keep trying and hoping it will be THIS day)!!

You are starting to actually enjoy your toys. Everything goes in your mouth. You really like to suck your thumb WITH a piece of fabric either over your thumb or alongside it, be the fabric bib, blanket, burp cloth, shirt, or bunny ears. You like your Sophie the Giraffe a lot, as well as your "DouDou" bunny. You started liking your pacifiers much more during your teething, as I guess chomping on your own thumb got painful once your teeth came through! Speaking of teeth, I thought I'd miss your gummy smiles, but those two little bottom teeth are sooooo cute! And are you working on a third?

You like to play under your arch, and when that gets old you like to sit in your bumpo seat so as to better reach the toys (for eating, of course). You also like your swing, being tied on Mommy's hip, going for walks, and being free to watch Mommy work. Everything goes in your mouth, and as long as you have something to watch and chew, you're happy! I play lots of music for you-- Scottish piping reels, Spanish dancing songs, hymns, madrigals, and classical music. We'll hope you grow up with good rhythm and pitch! I wonder if you notice that I speak to you in Spanish when it's the two of us, or that for a week you heard French all around you. Probably not. One day!

I love you, little munchkin...

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ju.vanderw said...

:) Loved reading it. Doesn't time fly by wayyy to fast??