Friday, March 26, 2010

6 mos old and BIG HAPPENINGS!

Eowyn celebrated her half-birthday yesterday with her first fruit-- avocado!! I prepared it with a little lemon (I've since learned that all citrus should be reserved until babies are over 1 year old... oops. Sorry, baby! =D) and a bit of sea salt (really good for babies' brains). I hoped she would like it, but really didn't know. I've eaten it a lot since her conception, so she's surely gotten a LITTLE bit of its flavor... and, she liked it!

She must have known it was a big day because she also started scooting around. Whereas before, she'd do maybe a centimeter and then get tired, today she started really going for stuff! It's a combination of "the worm" (up on all 4s, then a forward lunge. Repeat.), army-crawl, and reaaaaaaching. Since then she's added rolling repeatedly to her repertoire, and she's really getting around! We are having to have sessions of "no touch" training, since she LOVES the air vents on the floors and would happily lick them all day. Yuck.

I also gave her her first bath in the BIG TUB using her new bath seat (thanks again David & Sofie!). I tried a tub bath at my friend Jenny's last Friday, and this was a very very very unpopular decision. Eowyn screamed and was totally terrified. We figured out that it must be the tub itself. Having the water a tad warmer than she's used to didn't help. Since her baby tub has gotten too small, I pulled out the bath seat and have been letting her play in it in the tub, fully clothed. This was scary, but as long as I was touching her and she had a rubber ducky, she was ok. Tonight I actually got in WITH her and held her next to the seat first. When she adjusted to that I put her in the seat. Again rubber duckies-- one per fist, and usually also in mouth-- were essential to retaining composure. That and Mommy keeping some degree of skin-to-skin contact. We had a whole bath, though, with no prolonged tears!! Maybe next time I won't have to get wet...

I was quite tired at the end of the day (although at least she is sleeping through the night now). As I put her to bed, Ryan came in and just grinned at us. He shook his head and quipped "she is gonna run you ragged!" Definitely a mover and a shaker... and a GRABBER!! She's always been really active (my ribs still remember this. I don't thing my spleen will ever be the same.), and now she's got coordination to DO something will that energy! It's obvious that her vision and motor control are just taking off, and she is absolutely thrilled about it. She's the grinniest, happiest baby ever! What a gift!!!

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