Monday, June 29, 2009

Third Trimester, Here I Am!

Thought you might like some photo updatage of the baby girl... yes, yes, we'll all be glad when I can stand aside and take pictures purely of HER! :)
I'm feeling great overall-- my most persistant complaint is low back/sacrum pain, but my chiropractor helps a lot, and I think the Pilates class I started today actually is, too. I wasn't expecting that! I start Aqua Aerobics tomorrow, hihihi, so I'll be finally getting some non-impact exersise. It's gotta beat going up & down those stairs at VBS like I did all last week. Phew!
So far, no swelling or scary symptoms... just goin' on like I have been, remembering that there are some things my abs just don't want to do anymore, lol. I may be starting my "nesting" bug, I don't know-- I am organizing and sorting and looking for baby furniture. Ashlea & I found a great dresser (which will be a changing table) at Goodwill today, after not too much searching. We'll do some work on it, and voila! Now to find an affordable armoire to refinish... I love being pregnant, and I think I will love holding her in my arms even more. :)

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