Saturday, June 06, 2009

Abby's Wake-Up Routine

I finally shot 6 mini-videos of our littlest princess of the house of Powell. :) We'll see how well they upload...

Abby, like her sister before her, is often hard to wake up for her feedings. And she often falls asleep during feedings, too. So I like to have the job of waking her up. She hates to be cold, so off come the chalupa-style blankets, and if necessary, socks and clothes. I've also found that blowing on her gets her attention without upsetting her, so that's the blowing on the tape. She makes the FUNNIEST faces while she wakes up, which is why I wanted to capture them.

This one is awesome mostly because of her mad and serious faces:

And, last in this mini-series (done in the morning), the Kung Fu routine:

She actually usually has a lot more kung-fu like moves, but at least I got the general idea on film. Who knows when her tired parents will do better...

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