Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot Night, Dark Knight

Well, Ryan & I just got back from cleaning up the church after VBS all week. It was nice to be in a mostly air-conditioned building for awhile, as our AC suddenly went out yesterday! I'm very thankful it waited until all our company was gone, and on a day when we'd be out most of the day anyway. Today we headed out and enjoyed the outdoor heat, which at least isn't stuffy :), at a birthday party for 4 one-year-old friends of ours. :) ...then we enjoyed an air-conditioned viewing of The Dark Knight, and a date at Moe's.

Now it's a still a bit too hot inside to sleep (I've gotten spoiled and used to air conditioning!), so I'm lookin' up stuff online about the movie we just enjoyed. It WAS a good movie, with a largely satisfying end...but I will say one thing: it is INTENSE. Two and a half hours long, and it does NOT let up. WHEW!! I'm not sure what I think the movie was advocating, either... As our pastor Ryan put it "your emotions were likely assaulted in a thoroughly post-modern way, and it will take your rational mind a week to sort out what the movie was actually trying to say."

In the meantime, I did find this review helpful and accurate.

Good night!

PS- some kids from VBS have said they'd be at church/sunday school tomorrow... pray that they come! Just pray in general that we would know how to follow up with these kids and their families, and see them transformed by meeting the Risen Savior!

After seeing the above-mentioned movie, I think this article is even more thought-provoking. That movie played clearly into this author's observance of the lack of heroes in our movies these days. It was pretty much built on the idea of two sorts of heroes... with the true hero being the one cast out as an outlaw, while the hero everybody's brain needs was really quite corruptible. It makes me wonder- are we actually afraid of heroes made out of ordinary people, because they might fall? Because they might actually turn out to be human rather than permanently larger-than-life? Aren't you glad the Bible gives us corruptible heroes -there's the "us"- made holy by faith in The Hero, the Holy One who did not, will not EVER see decay!? (Psalm 16:10)

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Jeannette said...

Joel and I went to see the movie yesterday, and I agree that it's going to take a week to think through all the messages. It's definitely a morality play as the review stated. I enjoyed the movie very much (so many unexpected twists and turns), but I came away thinking this is what our world would almost look like without the presence of the Holy Spirit. I think this movie needs a second viewing...later.