Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independance Day!

Praise the LORD!!
Our family came up last night (after braving a 2 hour standstill in Murfreesboro, TN) to enjoy the Fourth with us, and to help us move! Today's project: moving our heavy stuff up OVER the Top Porch.

Now we have an upstairs!! We have BEDS upstairs. I actually feel more overwhelmed in some ways, since I have to find real homes for all our things; actually organize things and make everything beautiful & homelike. Pray for me!!

p.s. I helped get the first set of mattress-and-box springs up and over. Then John LeToto & JC Tyson showed up, and I switched to photojournalism.
p.p.s. our neighbors really did sit outside and watch. The Somali family next door was loading up into their car, and delayed leaving until they'd seen a few things be hoisted over. Even Ahmed (short for Mohammed), the dad, watched and laughed & smiled at our endeavors.

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