Monday, January 14, 2008

Warning about Patch the Pirate?

Looking for some music for my choir, I came across an article warning against the inherent evil in "Patch the Pirate" music. That sort of thing galls me, for so many reasons. Two that come to mind: 1) this type of "Fundamentalist" thinking gives people a list of do's and don'ts and tells them that's how to be righteous. It grieved and angered me in Rome (the Catholic churches where pilgrims are promised pardon from any sin if they visit all 4 "big" churches), and in the lives of friends raised around Bob Jones University. NO!! ONLY throught JESUS are we made righteous!! The list either creates false hope or despair, depending on whether you do them or ont 2) because I love music! I've studied it, and throughout history "secular" music has been called sinful by one faction of the church or another...and then the age turns, and all of a sudden "Amazing Grace" is "the original tune" defended by old-timers, instead of being a contraversial tune to the textual composition of a questionable ex-slave-ship captain. How many "hymns-only!" defenders realize that hymns were scandalous when Watts wrote them-- "Psalms only!" was the conservative cry back then! Anyway, here is my response. Feel free to share any thoughts you may have:

To whom it may concern-

I just stumbled across your "warning" about Patch the Pirate music, and was physically sickened and at the same time incredulous. " The music would be right at home in a nightclub or a sleazy Broadway play and could easily conjure up such unwholesome images as that of a saucy woman sauntering across a stage."

Why would any child gets these images in his head? Where would they even get such ideas!? Any such association is, I'm afraid, a residue of Mr. Cloud's own sin-filled past, not a result of anything inherent in the music itself. ("To my great shame, I lived a very wicked and worldly life before I was saved, and I know as much about worldly music which is fitting for wicked environments as any other man.") I won't try to dissuade anyone of this "the Devil has a beat" position based on the hundreds of Scriptural and reason-based approaches, because my guess is that you are unwilling to consider them, and that better men and women than myself have tried to show you the sad, Judaiizer-istic errors in your this thinking. But I will say this: when Jesus saved Nicodemus, a Pharisee, do you think He would have warned him to now avoid anything that reminded him of his erroneous, pride-full self-righteous unsaved way of life-- to avoid anything smacking of Judaism? What about when He saved the woman caught in adultery-- would He have warned her to avoid anything that reminded her of her own tainted past-- maybe certain scents, certain sorts of fabrics? No... those saved from their own prisons of pride (legalism) now dedicated their desire for outward holiness and keeping of high holy days to the glory of Messiah; everything had new meanings for them now! For them, Jesus' blood redeemed everything that Satan had tried to twist to evil. Likewise, those saved from their prisons of license now dedicated everything once dedicated to self-indulgence to the worship of Messiah; one such sinner broke her box of nard to annoint His feet. Others surely married and enjoyed sexual intimacy (worship) with their husbands or wives, to the glory of the One who has bought all pleasure for His people.

There is nothing beyond the reach of redemption; not even a weak sinner's association with music he once enjoyed as a rebellious sinner. Sure, scars take time to heal, and some may do better avoiding certain "triggers." But they must be careful not to force the result of their weak consciences to label as 'evil' that which God created and called "good." Let the strong bear with those who are weak, until the weak can be taught and built up and be made strong, with consciences set free from condemnation, and bodies wholly dedicated to righteous living. (Rom. 15) In other words; let those whose consciences are weak and can't handle music that reminds them of situations where they sinned be helped along until they at least see that what led them to sin was sin in their own hearts (James 4:1) , not anything inherent in the situational musical soundtrack itself. "The world" is within our own hearts!! (Mt. 15: 10-20)

In Gospel bonds, and no other,
--Christina Szrama (Pre-K and Middle School Music Teacher)


Jeannette said...

This guy sounds as though he might be a follower of Jack Hyles - ultra-wacky fundamentalist. I went to his website, and under apparel for women, they had patterns for culottes if that tells you anything. BTW, there are a few Hyles churches in our area, and if the girls go snow skiing, they have to wear the culottes over their ski joke!

Eowyn's Heir said...

you HAVE to be kidding!! That image alone is enough to leave me gasping for breath!

Eowyn's Heir said...

...found on a link from Hyles' site... I just want to present a case of extreme un-logic (on why women should only wear dresses)
"I guarantee you that women who approve of abortion (i.e., murder) also see no problem with women wearing pants. It's more than coincidence in a nation where most women scoff and laugh at the notion of women dressing modestly, that 48,000,000 of those same women have murdered their own children through abortion. If you don't want to listen to the Bible, then here's proof from the unsaved world why pants on women are sin. [then they follow with lyrics from "the worldly Hip Hip artist, Chingy," Dem Jeans..."]

Jacquita Banana said...

I've never heard of Patch the Pirate, but I found your message intriguing, so I decided to investigate. Although I never found lyrics or an audio file for Lazy Bones (or any of the other songs in question), I did find plenty of evidence that this David Cloud guy is WACKY! Sounds like he and that Hyles dude are seriously afraid of women, music, and anything else that has the power to expose them as insecure extremists. Good grief!

Jeannette said...

BTW...Ashlea sang Patch the Pirate music when she was in grade school, and I don't remember a time when she has sauntered across a stage in a saucy manner. ;)

Ashlea Davenport said...

Oh, Mom, you really have no idea. You must remember that I do have a few school ruels to my name.
And then to think that "A Mighty Fortress" was originally syncopated. How Shocking!

Anonymous said...

wow you guys obviously didn't know Dr. Hyles. It's sad that you believe everything you read and take it as fact when you didn't even know the person.

Eowyn's Heir said... isn't "believing whatever you read" is what you are reading is the person-in-question's own words, on his own personal website, now is it? Someone can be a perfectly nice person and still have unBiblical, even ridiculous views, and say some crazy things which deserve to be compared with Scripture, weighed, measured & found wanting.